Can women really squirt when they reach their orgasm?

This is a serious question and not kind of porno stuff. Thanks for your understanding

Damn, waited til this month to finally create an account, and you spew this question in the first month? I hope you’re 18, or else a really horny bastard residing in his mother’s/grandmother’s basement away from the rest of us.

And the answer is yes.

It’s not just his first month. It’s his first post at all!

On topic: Yes.


Cecil keeps speaking. Or is the OP thinking of this picture?

**New Scientist **magazine speaks- and says “yes”.

So when can we get off this topic, since the OP should be very thoroughly satisfied?

Come on now, you know better than that … or are you wet behind the ears?

Sorry, my pun-making ability has yet to reach its climax.

Yes, some can. It ain’t pee, either (before someone goes there).

There’s websites for this…

…with streaming video.

Don’t know what you mean by ‘not kind of porno stuff’, but the answer is yes, at least when it comes to some women. The most convincing example is a pretty porno actress by the name of Cytherea who loses much of her mind and most of her motor control upon orgasm. Wiki has an article on her here (probably SFW but contains photo of actress in scant top with midriff exposed). She is the real deal.

And Starving Artist’s link also leads to a Wiki article on the subject.

Can guests search the database nowadays? If so, OP, you could search the board database for some earlier threads on the subject: there are several.

And now I [del]have come to finish[/del] this post… oh, pun schmun. :slight_smile:

Many thanks, bros. I surely read and know that women have orgasm, big orgasm and watched hundreds of squirting videos, but it is easy to do a trick for selling a porno clip, u all know. I myself made and seen many girls in orgasm, they almost lost control and even yelled a lot, but I did see no squirt. Wikipedia and many articles are good but I really met no one that really made a girl squirt. Its a curiousity about human, sorry If you think that’s bizzard but am all healthy and appreciate your replies. Thanks :slight_smile:


Meh, this is the message board on which you can ask what happens to pan-fried semen and have someone actually attempt the experiment. Compared to that, whether women are able to ejaculate is an everyday question.

Well yeah. Unless you go to the effort of testing the chemical compound of the girl gush, there’s no real way to tell if it’s urine or something else in any specific example. I think it’s pretty obvious that if there’s a 20 second spray of watery fluid that might fill up a 600 ml water bottle, the chances are that it is NOT some secretion from the female prostate.

Warning: TMI.

This happened in my immediate presence for the first time last week. I pretty much believed the folks who say it’s not urine, but just the same I applied the sniff test while my, um, friend was in the bathroom. It’s not urine. Like I said, I was pretty sure it wasn’t, but it was nice to see the evidence first-hand.

Oh, and I concur that Cytherea is awesome, and for real.

How do I know? Because the people who make pornos don’t have their shit together enough to fake something anywhere close to that convincingly. The budget for pornos is 75% to pay the actresses and 20% to pay the actors. What’s left over is probably about $60-- they’re not going to be hiring Industrial Light and Magic or Pixar to do their effects.

These are people who use half-and-half as a stand-in for semen and call it close enough.

I would like to know the results of this experiment :cool: