Can You Haiku?

No, I can’t Haiku.
It is a stupid art-form.
So don’t ask me to.

Surfing porn all day
movies, pictures, sound files, gifs
no more hard drive space


Yet another time,
The SDMB makes me
Snort pop out my nose.

Is that NEA grant check in the mail yet?

Morons call all day
At the online call center.
Please leave me alone.

Man, I hate my job.
Working sure beats homelessness.
Won’t you pay my rent?

Hack and cough and wheeze
It sure is tough to fake it.
“Boss, I can’t come in…”

yes, andygirl can
haiku, as you can see in
this very nice thread.

You may call this a
shameless plug, but I do not
seem to care that much. :wink:

Was Mister Rogers
Really a sniper in the
Marine Corps in 'Nam?

Spring parking lot dark
Overhead crow flies silent
Tranny fluid drips

Stop it, you retards
Haikus are never that good
I wouldn’t write one

Japanese Cartoon
Many Naughty Tentacles
Octopus Orgy