Canada, What the fuck?

OK…here’s the deal.
Canada, what the fuck? Alright, yeah we’ve tried taking it before, but that was in 1812, I say we give it another go! I know your saying, “Occam, what the hell do we want with Canada…then we’d have to deal with Canadians!” Yeah, but there arn’t many of them and they are the 2nd largest nation on Earth. All that land! All those trees! Christ, with a handfull of Minnesota NRA members we could raid Thunder Bay, split their lines of communication, Vancouver would fall in a heart beat. And the Toronto/Montreal area would only take a month or so, maybe less. We’could kick the Quebecers out, they want their own country and no one wants them. We’d have a vast expanse. The ‘Canadian Territory’ would be exploited and we’d run the indians out before we finally give it Statehood…COMMON HOW’S WITH ME!!!

Sorry, folks; I tried three different translation sites and not a one of them recognized the language above. You’re on your own.

If you leave us alone we’ll allow you to annex Saskatchewan.

Or one of those other provinces no one cares about…

Yeah, I don’t think anyone cares about ALL of Canada.

(showing off)

. . .The British Always Spend Money On the Queen, except Prince Edward, 'cos he’s in NewFoundland, drat, how does that go. . .

“There is nothing you ought to do, for the simple reason that you know nothing, nothing whatever- make a mental note of that, if you please.”
-V. Nabokov

Come and get us, wise guy. We kicked your ass before and we can do it again.
We flooded your country with Celine Dion crap and you took it. Pussies. You don’t even know how to print nice money, and you want to take us on?
Our beer is better, our hockey players are better, and we even beat you at you own game and won the World Series. Twice!

And oh, yeah. We got Cuban cigars. What did your Prez use on Monica? Domestic!

If you even dream of invading us, you better wake up and apologize.

You can have Quebec for nothing, though.

Trying to throw out your rubbish in a cost-effective manner there, Wally? No deal.

If we’re stuck with NAFTA, you’re stuck with Quebec. Deal with it.

But by all means, send us your beer and cigars!

<FONT COLOR=“BLUE”>“I’ll see your Quebec, and raise you a Lewinski.”</FONT>

Occam? This is the BBQ Pit. Your post was mundane and pointless stuff (even if you had to share it). We’ve already had three or four long Topics/threads in which Yanks and Canucks beat each over the head with pigs’ bladders. I think you should have simply re-opened one of those.


tomndebb-Well you fucked-faced-inbreeding-ankle-chewing-cock-sucker, I didn’t see it until I scrolled down. There, how was that?

Not overly surprised by Occam’s profile including the occupation of student. Not a bad idea on something to post, but it has been done and it only takes a little time to search for it so you don’t make an idiot of yourself. Unfortunately, if your posts keep up at this rate, the topic will have no bearing on the lunacy you show.
Start an expedition to Canada on your own. Let us know when you have succeeded in winning it for us.

I got a lot of energy ready to be wasted on somebody - Mookie Wilson


A bit lame, but not bad for a child.

You got off to a good start with the alliteration of “fucked” and “faced”, but lost a little speed because most people would have simply said “fuck faced” and the average reader would have probably revisited the phrase to see whether you meant something specific by adding “ed” to the “fuck.”
Having lost some momentum on the first phrase, you definitely bogged down in the middle with the exteded syllables of “inbreeding” and “ankle-chewing.” Nothing wrong with the epithets, themselves, but they don’t carry the punch you need to keep an all-hyphenated phrase going.
“Cock-sucker” would have been OK (a bit plebian, but serviceable), but by that time you had lost so much momentum that it simply looked like a tag-on to add length to your epithet.

The unapology of claiming that you had not seen the other anti-Canada threads until later does not win you any points, either, I’m afraid. We like our posters clued, not clueless, and we prize highly the courtesy of new flamers (you are a flamer, right?) to lurk long enough to know what is actually on the SDMB.

Overall, it wasn’t a horrible performance, but you’ll need to work on your awareness while polishing your command of English.

I’d give it a C+.

(Now, if you’d move South across the river, you could, at least, claim to be a Superior type of person, but for now we will simply call you the uncouth Duluth youth.)


If an attack is launched against Canada, it is good to see that the US school systems are pumping out such intellectuals as Occam to lead the attack. Im sure Occam’s troops would be happy to be led into battle by a person with a grade 2 education.

Hey, I remember South Park: The Movie! Those damn Canadians are the root of all our trouble!


Heheheheeee Sure, try it…anytime, especially in winter…and yes you can have Quebec! Or we could make an even trade, Quebec for Minnesota. Any takers?


Hell, I’ll even throw in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Then the U.S. can pay them to not fish for 8 months of the year.

Sez tomndebb: “Cock-sucker” --(a bit plebian, but serviceable)

Heh-heh. Heh-heh.

Hey, hey, HEY HEY!

I am from new brunswick, and I damn well resent that! The majority of New Brunswickers work ALL FUCKING YEAR thank you very much! And we dont approve of the welfare sucking fishermen anymore than you, so THATS why they have been recieving less and less benefits over the off seasons…

Oh and while I am ranting…they DO work more than 4 months a year…not quite as many months as teachers-they work 10 months a year, and some of them (the low grades) work a 5 or 6 hour day! But maybe they dont have teachers in edmonton! After all…teachers get paid in the summer/off season dont they?

Go ahead and trade New Brunswick little piggy, and when the big bad wolf blows down your house of prarie sod…dont come crying to us for lumber…(mutters) cant have the lobsters either!

Kelli, relax! I was making a joke. Or let’s change it to Newfoundland or Nova Scotia, then we can both scoff at them.

wooohooo Canada… land of the free

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

shaking head

dhanson…think ahead man!
We need Newfoundland as a future penal colony.