CanadianSue, techchick68, and you OTHER Total SLUTS!

Blow me! Yeah, that’s what I said, punk. BLOW ME!

You wanna make my day? You really want to tangle with me?! Oh, just go ahead! Let’s hear it! Go on, bitch! I’m back. I’m a bitch beyond the pale. I suck so hard YOUR dick hurts. Let’s just let the free for all start here, in that I came back when I said I wouldn’t. Let’s just pick the gauntlet glove up from that point, shall we?

Who’s first? You? You want some of this? Come on, take a bite. I’ll slam you so hard your momma won’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

Okay, so only CSue and Tech get the joke, but I’m willing to float it in the BBQ pit. You just gotta know these two ladies the way I do. They get it. Christ, I fucking hope they do. Or I’m so gonna look like a TOTAL JACKASS. Oh well, I look like that a lot!

Hello, you two, I’m back home. As far as I know, I’m clear from freak boy, yes? Nice. I’ve noticed you two babes are still around…nice how some things (the nice things) never change.

Kisses and gooey shit,

P.S. Like I was gonna do this in MPSIMS? Come on! If the horror of Byz came back, she just had to do it in the Pit! :wink:

Byz you fucking bitch…I hate you with all the power in my left pinky.

Hey chick-a-boom, long time no see, bitch, you haven’t called me in ages and I don’t have your fuckin’ phone number. I hope you are doing well. I am fine, just FYI. I am starting a new internet biz I will I will have to talk to about sometime soon.

BTW, I got rid of my AOL addresses a while ago so email me at my yahoo address.

So glad to see your big fat but sexy ass show yourself here on the boards! I fucking damn well hope that means you are doing fucking fine and that your sorry ass is here to at least make an appearance once in a while. God, all us men and women alike drool over you!


< snort >

And the party can begin again. :smiley:

OMG!! Byz is back?!
(Byz left? Hmm…)

Good to see you’re still alive.


Hey baby!

How’s it hanging? Oh, now, really, put on a damn bra! Don’t you be letting those sweet melons hang on out! (Frankly, you make me look bad!)

You and all the men folk drooling is JUST WHAT I WANTED!

Call me a HO and you’d be dead on!

And then call me a BITCH and slap me twice and I’d know I was HOME! :slight_smile:

Hey, Spoofe! And they said I was a Pit Ho…you got me nailed!

Good, God, Gawd…you don’t get out much, do ya?

I must’ve been drunk, because I don’t remember nailing you, Byz. Wouldn’t mind, though. :smiley:

BYZ ! I’ve missed you, Sue and I were wondering where you went ! Then I saw you had posted and all was well with the world again.

I must admit that I’m a bit miffed that you don’t include me on the total slut list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I allowed to say I missed you in the pit…what do you mean I can’t??? OK then you can bite me!!!

[polite face because SOMEBODY needs to be polite in this thread]

Welcome back. I am happy you are doing well.

[/polite face]

I have no idea what this thread’s about, so I’m gonna assume it’s a cat-fight of some sort and that all the participants (except the guys, 'cause that’d be gross) are wearing meter-maid outfits. Oh. And lime jello. I’m assuming the thread is filled with lime jello.

But that’s just me.


When I was just finding my way around the boards, Byz was the first person who so took my breath away with her rants, I remembered her name and wanted to be her.

What Cranky said. [admiring sigh]

And hey, this is an Equal Opportunity Thread: Fenris is now wearing a meter maid outfit.

it’s you


It’s safe to assume that Fenris’s underpants are filled with jello. Lime jello.

(raises hand nervously)

uhhh…I’m a slut.
A total one, at that.
Can I play?

(gains some nerve)
Yeah, dat’s right bitch.

p.s. oh-and welcome back to the SDMB!

the cereal you have when you had sex with someone you just met . packed with vitamins and RU486

Byz! Byz! I’m so happy you’re back! Never leave us again!

does dance of joy

Fenris , I am with you - I have no idea what this thread is about. I am but a newbie.

I am an aspiring slut, however; I have been practicing for a while now. I will be taking my oral exam soon to get my license as a Certified Ho.

Well, I don’t really remember you at all, but hey, I’ve got a bad memory.

I will say that all I can think of is the Elton John song, “The Byz, er, Bitch is Back.”

Welcome back!

I am so glad to see you - we’ve had a shortage of sluts with attitude, and I can’t live up to your standard!

I don’t know you Byz but what you said to those two poor girls was just…