Can't find Message Board Submission

A month, or three, ago there was a terrific SDMB entry listing a great number of sites similar to–but less extensive than–SDMB.
I have spent an hour trying to locate this entry, to no avail.
I would be most grateful for the list or instructions how to get it.
Many thanks

You might try a search: x y z
where x y and z are some the sites recommended
and restrict the date range for the search

The only thing I’ve found is this thread about alternatives to the Straight Dope column (when it was announced that it wouldn’t be published anymore).


Since this question is about this message board, it belongs in About This Message Board. Moving.

Just to add to that, you would do that search from Google, not here.

ETA, you could also use broader search terms, but then tell google to only check within the last (for example) year.