Can't Hide (set to Rawhide)

Trollin Trollin Trollin
Keep those Keystrokes goin
Bashing Bullshit flowin
Can’t Hide

We want to understand’em
Speak till we can’t stand’em
Bustin Balls in tandem
Though we tried

Set em up Ship em out
Drag em down Dubin doubt
That’s All It’s About
Can’t Hide

Bring em on Break em in
Writin wrong Sayin sin
But when
Will it End
Can’t Hide

This is hilarious. :smiley:

Now, for a geeky contribution Rawmacs!

Thank you for responding, and for the link :cool:

It could be the BBQ Pit theme song. :wink:

Yep it could also be a political rant as well :smiley:

In fact dubya inspired it :wink: