can't remember name of old horror movie

Hi Everybody

I hope that I don’t have two different movies caught up in the same memory but this is what I recall , a scene where I believe it took place on a theater stage where I think it was a guy in a gorilla suit a lot of ruckus and he ends up getting an old style ax ( mid-evil like ) in the back and there was an evil midget with a sword cane ( I think ) and this is the part that may be another movie . The man ( masked much like the phantom of the opera ) was going to pour acid on a what I think was a circus performers neck ( a woman ) , but was interrupted a chase ensued and they ran up on the merry go round then only the man chasing was then dead going round and round with I believe a bloody neck .

I saw these as a kid in the drive in but no one remembers seeing it with me.


Murders In The Rue Morgue (1971)?

“Two for the Money”?

(That’s my stock answer for a while.)

Ha! :smiley:

Well done.

Thank You Johnny ! I have been racking my brain for years trying to remember this movie , just watched the official trailer and all of the memories came flooding back . I can’t wait to see it on netflix

Mention it not! :slight_smile:

It was the first film that came to mind.
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