Can't restore session

I ran a periodical antivirus program (SpyHunter) and discovered it had erased several pages of tabs and windows of Firefox browsing.

I attempted to restore to an earlier point to get back my lost pages/tabs/windows, but no dice.

Any suggestions?

I only have instructions for Chrome, but I guess that it’s the same or at least similar in Firefox. Open the menu (click the three-dotted icon), got to history, and a list of recently closed tabs should appear in the menu. Sometimes after a closure of a whole session, you can reopen all those tabs by a single click in that menu.

Ok, just went to my main machine which has Firefox, and it’s a bit different. Make sure that the traditional program menu is shown, click the menu item ‘chronic’, choose ‘recently closed tabs’ and then ‘restore all tabs’.

I think that in Firefox, ctrl + h brings up the history, too (if that doesn’t help, try ctrl + shift + h). You should be able to restore your closed tabs from there.