Canucks Throw Cheese In Lake. Bosda Bemused.

Is this some twisted, occult Canadian ritual?
I’ve heard about those… :dubious:
The ways of the wily North are strange & inscrutable.

In the South, we attach the cheese to fish hooks, before we throw it in the water.

And so are their naming traditions: “Baie des Ha! Ha!”? - I’d love to hear the story behind that one!

Maybe July 30 (when the story was posted) is the Québec version of April Fools Day? Surely “Baie des Ha! Ha!” is not a real name!

Nope, the place is real

This sentence alone is worthy of a Pulitzer.

Why the hell didn’t he put a buoy on it?

That’s sexist. He could just as easily have used a guirl. :smiley:

If worst comes to worst and the cheese proves inedible, he might be able to carve it up and pass it off as hockey pucks.


Step one: Locate lake cheese.

Step two: Head due east and recover ice-cold Bass Ale from hold of H.M.S. Titanic.

Step three: Proper nosh.

This was my favourite line:

“He took it, hesitated, ate it and told us it was one of the best cheeses he’d ever eaten.”

Well, at least he hesitated before eating cheese he fished out of a lake.

Oh, as for the hygienic facilities - this is stuff that is made with bad milk and mold on purpose - but it must be clean bad milk and mold.

“This cheese tastes funny.”

That was really only amusing to me, but I had to post it anyway.

La Baie des Ha! Ha! Get it? Tastes funny? Okay, never mind.

Okay, this is bothering me now.

I know the article is quite clear on the cheese being at the bottom of a lake – but isn’t la Baie des Ha! Ha! a, you know, bay?

Or did those wacky Quebecers perversely place a lake right on the Atlantic coast and call it a “bay” for giggles?

What’s up with that?

Nevermind. Inlet off the Saguenay. Not on the coast. :smack:

I love those cute old stories when a place gets a funny name because of a shattering tragedy. Drowned ghost baby, wheeee!

Just as I head up to Canada tomorrow it goes all crazy. Thank God I’m going east, to NS. Hope the government doesn’t fall when I’m up there because that means riots in the streets, right? :smiley:
But if I get offered Lake Country Cheese, I’ll know now to be wary.

Well, hesitate before eating it at least.

You know, if the Canadian government falls, I don’t see rioting in the streets. More like, “And in other news, the government fell today. More at 11:00.”

[Homer] Mmm … submersed cheese … drool [/Homer]

It’s all true! There really is a place named Baie des Ha! Ha! where a guy somehow lost a ton of cheese at the bottom of a lake. It was actually on the news a few days ago. Oh, the shame of it all!

Incidentally, he did tie a rope to the cheese, but then he couldn’t find the rope either.

Maybe the Canucks should be on the lookout for a really big mouse…?
…and set out an improved trap while they’re at it!

From the database of the Commission de Toponymie du Québec, from which I read myself to sleep every night, the entry for Baie des Ha! Ha!:

And from the entry for yet a third, Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region:

A slightly more boring explanation, perhaps – but it brings with it the astonishing realization that there are not one, not two, but THREE locations called Ha! Ha!, in completely separate regions of Quebec.

Come back next time for the story of the Chute du Caribou-Qui-Pisse.

Not by half! On the contrary, thanks very much.

Is it possible, though, after the last coupla decades, to read this:

…without mentally hearing the linked bit?