Caption contest - DJT photos

  1. In this book you’ll see there are lots of Yo-Semites. They followed their great leader across the big sea to the big resort in the desert. VOTE!

It’s just like old times. I’m fondling dozens of starlets.

1: This is what women used to let me do without paying them! … Okay, most of them did want to be paid.

2: The scientists promised me that this harness I’m wearing under the suit would protect me in case I get struck by lightning. Stupid scientists …hope they’re right. Can’t trust those dumb Poindexters.

3: I guess I showed those total losers back at stupid New York Military Academy—I DO know how to salute! I never do ANYTHING wrong, losers!

And he’s still saluting wrong in that photo (and every time I’ve seen him salute).

#2 That Booger just will not fall of this finger!

  1. I love starlets and strippers!
  2. Very few people know this, but you can actually READ that.
  3. If you cover one eye it is only half an eclipse.

Actually, they should all say, “Village Idiot. Avoid like The Clap.”

What doesn’t he do wrong?

  1. Oh Ivanka, yer the onsly one who really undersnsh me, hic!

  2. Two dollah! Two dollah! Do I hear three? Three dollah! Who will give me four! Word of god here folks. Three dollah! Going once …

  3. Donald T meets Ronald McD.