Caption this!

I don’t know if anyone has ever done a caption challenge and search hates me. So here goes.

Make up a funny caption for any or all of the pictures.

Picture 1 (Joe Biden)

Picture 1 (Vladimir Putin)

Picture 3 (funny cat)

Picture 4 (funny vehicle)

Joe Biden: “Moose this, Alaska girl!”

Once again, Putin tries to put the move on the best-looking member of the press. If this goes as it usually does, he will be slapped in the next fifteen seconds.

1: Pass interference, defense, number 22, half the distance to the goal, automatic first down.

2: Remember what Gorbachev said: always eat a handful of Lemonheads before giving a speech.

  1. Uh…

  2. It’ll look awesome once we get those spinner rims.

Cat: Of course you realize this means WAR!!

  1. The Democrats show their determination not to be accused of fuzzy math this time round.

  2. The prototype next-gen Prius undergoes road testing.

I wasn’t trying to make these political. It just sort of happened.

I’ll have two of those Subway foot longs!

Oo la la! Ve have ze Americanskis vorried

That’s the last time I make a bet with the Easter Bunny

Pimp my ox!


Pic 1: Hey Palin-- honk honk!
Pic 2: Ooh, Joe, did you just do what I think you did? I gotta say, every time I’ve reared my head over Alaska, I’ve wanted to do that! So…are they real?
Pic 1: Shit yeah. Perfect 10!
Pic 2: Oooh! Makes me want to field dress her cat, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, right? Her pussy cat!
Pic 3: Uh, yeah, no one here but us rabbits. Nothing to see here. Nosiree. No cats.
Pic 2: So, Biden, you think you could introduce me to Gov. Hottie, or what?
Pic 1: Sure, just give me 10 minutes.
Pic 2: Hey, somebody get my motorcade!
Pic 4: Ready to roll, Mr. President!

  1. “Jazz hands!”

  2. “Look at the hooters on that ch… is this thing on?”

  3. When he was alone at home, assured of privacy, Whiskers would dress up in the clothes hidden away where nobody would find them, and sing “I’m So Pretty.”

  4. The new Chrysler hybrid offering seemed to lack something as compared to other products.

Biden: “Obama said if I could count to ten, I could be his Vice President.”

Putin: “Remind me next time not to suck on a lemon before I address the Duma.”

Cat: “Thanks a lot. Now I’ll have to smother you while you sleep.”

Car atop ox: “And you bought a Hummer?”

“I see London, I see France, I see Sarah’s governance!”

Picture 1 (Joe Biden)

Stop! In the name of loooooooove…

Picture 1 (Vladimir Putin)

Miraculously, Vladimir Putin finished the last of his spaghetti, without ever getting sauce on his lips or shirt.

Picture 3 (funny cat)

At last! The real cause of the Feline-Human War of 2013

Picture 4 (funny vehicle)

“Ivan, you know what they say: He who smelt it, dealt it!”

I submitted these without seeing any of the other responses, so I don’t know if any of these are repeates.

Picture 3: “I hate you with the withering heat of a thousand suns.”

Picture 1 (Joe Biden)
“…and that’s when I dropped out of mime school.”

Picture 1 (Vladimir Putin)
“Alllllways look on the bright side of life whistle

Picture 3 (funny cat)
“When they cut off my balls, I said nothing. They switched me to dry food, but I did not complain. They took away my catnip, and still I was silent. But for this, I will destroy them all.”

Picture 4 (funny vehicle)
The US dairy industry’s bailout of Detroit was not an unqualified success.

You win.

Picture 1 (Joe Biden)

“Read my palms! No new taxes!”

Pic 1:
“Yeah. but where did the lighter fluid come from? Hmmm?” (Oh dear god, someone please get this!)

Pic 3:
Mouse hunting camouflage.

1: Okay, he’s no Junior Birdman.

2: You know how to whistle, don’t you?

3: Quack! Quack! (NEXT!) Auditions for this year’s Cadbury Egg bunny went poorly.

4: Early tests of the Malaysian military’s EMP resistance went well. Sadly, performance against live fire from conventional weapons indicated a need for further research.