Carnivale: Old Cherry Blossom Road - 1/30/05 (spoilers)

No one started a Carnivale thread for the first three episodes, so I figured I would make one for this week. This is for episode 16, “Old Cherry Blossom Road” (aka. season 2, ep 4).

I thought the first episode for this season was great, the second and third less so. The story has been moving along more quickly than last year though. Going in to this episode, Ben is being held captive, Brother Justin is building his ministry, Sofie is trying to be a roust-about (spelling?), Stumpy is in debt, Tommy Dolan is investigating Iris, Iris is trying to figure out if Justin is taking her down, Ruthie is seeing dead people, Apollonia is lurking around, and most of the rest are just trying to run the show.

Things didn’t work out with Celeste. Her smile and the bite marks were pretty creepy (and damn close to over the top campy). I wonder how long Iris will cover for him if she is feeling threatened. What was she burning at the end?

How about Ben’s family? I don’t think I would be stopping in for the holidays. It may never be paid off, but he still has unfinished business with the cousin who’s mouth got sewn shut. Did anyone recognize the knife? Was it a World War I piece or something else?

Stumpy was one of my favorite characters from the first season, but he sure seems bent on destruction now. What was he looking for when he was digging around under the bed? Nothing good is going to come out of the rousty that’s stalking Rita Sue and Libby.

Ruthie saw Apollonia. I’m thinking her and Sofie need to have a talk.

Overall I liked this episode a little more than the last two. I’ll certainly be watching again next week.

I’m not sure – part of me thought it was the clothes she was wearing when she torched Justin’s orphanarium, and another part of me thought she was torching some of Justin’s priestly robes.

I’d imagine he was looking for money. Or maybe a bottle of soda? (Ha! Icky.)

My first thought was that it was Henry’s World War I bayonet, which fits in with what we now know were the Management vs. Scudder flashbacks from Season 1. Upon further reflection, it seemed perhaps to be a little small, the blade seemed to be about six inches long or so. It could have been a combat knife nonetheless though.

Hope that’s the last we see of Ben’s relatives. Creepiest folks since the X-Files Home episode.

I looked at the description on the on-screen guide (DirecTV) and thought it was a repeat of episode 3 – Sofie refuses to read Ben’s cards, Papa Walton witnesses Brother Justin’s evilness, and Jonesy tries to find Sofie a job.

I guess the description fit both episodes.

I couldn’t tell what Iris was burning either. For a second, I wondered why she didn’t dump the stuff with Mr. Wu’s pigs. Oops, different show.

Could it have been Celeste’s belongings? Celeste didn’t just go away. In her crazed condition, it’s not likely she “went” anywhere. Iris is evil.

When is Sofie gonna give up and read the damn cards?

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I’m so glad Sophie and Ben have NOT gotten smoochy. I was afraid they were going to go there at the end, but it was very sweet instead. Sophie’s just so much more interesting as a character than she would be as “the love interest.” Although I’m still sort of afraid they’ll go there eventually.