Cartoon character cuts out a picture of a fish and puts it in a frying pan

I’m trying to find this scene from a cartoon of the 1960s that I saw as a kid. The character was living in an igloo, so I think it was Chilly Willy–but it might’ve been someone else (Woody Woodpecker?). The character was starving and had no food, so he cut out a picture of a fish from a magazine and put it in a frying pan, intending to cook and eat the fish picture.

Does anyone know what cartoon/episode this was?

Chilly or the Pecker may have done it, but I remember Pink Panther doing that. He wasn’t in an igloo, though. It really doesn’t sound like something Chilly would do. There was also a Woody Woodpecker where he was in a remote cabin during the winter with nothing to eat; I think he ended up dining on the wolf that wanted to eat him (the name of the cartoon was Pantry Panic). Is it possible that you combined the two in your mind?

If it’s Chilly there won’t be too much Pecker.


I don’t think it was Pantry Panic–that was the one in which “Starvation” arrives as the Grim Reaper, right? The cartoon I’m talking about wasn’t that gruesome (the hunger was probably represented by a rumbling belly). I think you might be onto something with Pink Panther, though, because that was going to be my third guess, plus I seem to recall there was more pantomime than actual speech.

Ah-ha, you were right! It was the Pink Panther! :smiley:
(I must’ve confabulated the igloo when I thought it was Chilly Willy.)

The episode is “Pinknic” (fish scene at 2:40):

Not only does he cut out the picture of the fish, but he coats it with flour before frying it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, P-man!

I remembered correctly that the fish was a surf perch, yet I can forget why I came into the kitchen.

Surely if he has flour he can bake some scones or something.

Panthers, even pink ones, are carnivores.

Digging that fresh soundtrack!