Cast The Apprentice 3 Movie Adaptation!!!

Inspired by this post in this week’s Apprentice thread–

–I thought it would be fun to cast The Apprentice Season 3 Movie Adaptation!

Of course, there isn’t really going to be a movie. But what if there was?

What well-known actors and actresses do the current apprentices remind you of?

It’s a little early in the game and we don’t know all of them very well, so we can always add and revise our opinions as the weeks progress.

So far, we’ve got:

John (SS) - Vince Vaughn (suggested by watsonwil)

Erin (BS) - Ashlee Simpson (don’t remember who first said this, but it is generally agreed-upon in the Apprentice threads.)
I’ll propose:

Tana (SS) - Christine Baranski

Bren (BS) - Bren’s a dead ringer for Saturday Night Live’s Darrell Hammond

Alex (BS) - Luke Perry

Brian (SS) - Jack Black could play him REALLY over-the-top and abrasive.
Anyone else have some suggestions? Who would make a good Danny?

Would The Donald play himself in the movie? If not, who gets that prime role?

My wife also noted that Audrey looked like Amanda Peet.

Shouldn’t you be casting the musical?