Casting Wonder Woman

Who among today’s actresses could portray the Amazon Princess?

Queen Latifah, Naturally

Rue Paul?

Catherine Zeta-Jones could pull it off. Her facial features are bold enough, and makeup could only enhance this. She’s not a tiny woman either, which is appropriate. I’ll bet she could buff up just right for the role.

Gina Torres, she fits the Amazon description to a “T”.

I thought Famke Janssen (especially as Xenia Onatopp, from Goldeneye) would be good if she toned down the character a bit and stopped biting huge chunks out the scenery.

And come on, Lucy Lawless was the Amazon for umpteen years in Xena. Might be a bit too long in the tooth for the part though. Isn’t WW normally portrayed as 25-30’ish?

We’ve been playing this game in bars for the last few months. It turns out is hard to cast. She should be tall, busty, amiable, a brunette, and fit as all hell. Charlize Theron if she dies her hair is my favorite. Alot of votes come in for Angelina Jolie, but even though Harrison Ford can be Han Solo AND Indian Jones, Jolie is already Lara Croft so she bumps herself in my opinion.

Sandra Bullock was cast but has sinced back out. Thank the heavens. . .

DaLovin’ Dj

Fabulous supermodel Stacey Williams.

Don’t know if she can act. Don’t care.

Demi Moore might be able to do it.

My vote is for Monica Bellucci from Matrix 2 and 3 and Brotherhood of the Wolf. She is gorgeous, exotic (Wonder Woman should look Greek/Mediterranean, and Bellucci is Italian), and has a killer accent.

Catherine Zeta-Jones could definitely pull it off, but I’d rather see her cast as Jakita Wagner for a Planetary movie. John Cassaday’s rendering of Jakita in the comic looks like it must have been influenced by the lovely CZJ.