Cat avatars on the Dope

I actually don’t know if this should’ve been in atmb, but I am curious how many other Dopers use a feline for their avatar…
Come show yourself. meow.


(Sounds pretty Mindless and Pointless to me.)

ETA: Gormless George is a Maine Coon. They don’t really meow much, but they are very vocal. GG chirps when he comes in the room to say hi.

One of the all-time great felines: my (sadly missed) old friend Bob Cat

This is my beloved velcro kitty Harley. I lost him to lung cancer four years ago. I was an animal shelter volunteer and we met during an adoption event. He was having a meltdown, and I was tasked with settling him down. He was a big guy, twenty pounds and not overweight or a Maine Coone, but he was so sensitive. I really miss him.

Earth to @Tibby; Earth to @Tibby. Come in @Tibby.

Message received, loud and clear @LSLGuy.

Modesty prevents me from claiming to have the only feline avatar on the SDMB. Mine is just the best feline avatar on the SDMB.

Mark my meows, cats will one day rule the Earth. That day may be one day soon. :scream_cat:

Paging Airbeck…

Using the feline extension of the Drake equation, I have calculated that there is an 99.3% probability that at least one cat analog exists in the galaxy shown in my avatar. Tragically, the probability for the coexistence of a box-using species is only 7.2%.

Does @ShadowFacts count? I mean, I’m always impressed with their dismissive, hand-drawn (?) cat head avatar. Which I’ve brought up before, as our avatar pics seem to share a certain malign view of the world. Or grumpy due to insufficient deference, which is their due! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this thread! It made me decide it was time to change my avatar. I can’t get the picture centered so that the tips of his ears aren’t cut off, but you can see that he’s an orange tabby with a white bib. He’s the last of a string of 15 kittens or so that we fostered; when the time came to bring him back to the shelter to be adopted out, we decided that we wanted to adopt him.

I have grumpier, more arrogant looking shots of him, will try to upload them.

Crazy cat lady checking in :black_cat:

Why do I feel the urge to pee in this thread and mark my territory?


I Need new glasses; i always thought SuntanLotion’s was some sort
of duck and JaneDoe42’s was some sort of hamburger.

Strange … I show up, and all of a sudden, all the cats disappear!

They’re gonna have to up their game quite considerably! :dog:

Streak says I have no fear of dogs and will gladly bite his tail.

Cocoa, who wants to be a shoulder cat but got too big. I use his picture for an avatar because his lynx point face stripes show up better at that size than Vash’s subtle flame point mask.

Oh, I guess I should check in here, then! My avatar is my sweet boy, Oscar. He passed away a few years ago and I still miss him so much! He would give me a “love bite” on my face sometimes, and I think he enjoyed startling me with it!

Oh thanks, that’s nice of you to say! I did hand-draw that. It doesn’t represent any particular cat of mine . I can’t really say where the inspiration came from - I just wanted a really simple avatar, so I drew it.

A lynx is not a domestic cat, it is a wild cat. I chose this avatar for my internet presence in 2005-6, when there were less than 100 left. The situation has improved since then, I don’t dare to change my avatar now, imagine the trend reverses again!

NWO Kitty, reporting for duty. And Violence.