Cat avatars on the Dope

You hardly need to go to that extreme to see cats outmatching their opponents. There’s an endless supply of cats stealing dog beds, for instance. One of many examples:

Of course there are. Dogs are friendly, easy-going creatures who just want to play and to avoid conflict. Cats are evil, plotting, self-serving thieves.

I have to dispute that. When I tayed with a…friend, ex friend now…his dog barked at me every time I stood up off the couch. He does that to all visitors. It was scary.

The dog was no doubt instinctively protecting his Master from perceived threats. The fact that he may have smelled Cat on you may have exacerbated the situation. :wink:

The natural friendliness of dogs can be easily seen in any dog park, where the canines run around playing with each other! I’ve never seen that as a natural relationship among cats, and if it happens at all, it’s only after long acclimatization.

I’m sure plenty of people here can offer many anecdotes to the contrary. For example, when my husband died, my Harley didn’t leave my side and had such a concerned look on his face. He was such a comfort.


This is thread shitting

This is essentially a cat appreciation thread. Feel free to write about how much better dogs are than cats in some other thread. But please leave this one to the cat lovers.

Eddy and I thank you kindly for the compliment.

He’s my sweet boy, and a real lap cat.

I made exactly that mistake myself! (And I confessed to @JaneDoe42).


“Shitting?” I see this as leavening - total cat guy, here, have owned a dog (but not willingly), been owned by about twenty-five cats over fifty years, and don’t mind a doggo horning in. Don’t know where I expected to go with this post, but I’d like to know if someone reported Wolfpup. Or was that a spontaneous…thing?


I always figured it was a clam, a flower, or some sort of pastry with powdered sugar. Only after her post here did I look at her profile page to see it was a cat. Oops.

Pssst: See my ATMB thread.

Never mind, needscoffee has covered what I wanted to say.

I thought it was a clam, too! Now I’ll forever think of it as a cat arising out of a sea shell, all Venus-like.


Do not debate or discuss moderation in regular threads. If you have a beef, put it in ATMB. Thanks to @needscoffee for pointing out the correct thread. Thanks.

Thank you - how’d I miss this? Very nice. Busy now, but I will study this thread later, for a hint of how to apply elegance to my crude babblings.


Sorry, had no idea about ATMB, never looked! Will try to get my head right, later today. Cat person, y’know.


Geeze Louise!!! I get it, I’ll fix it, LOL!!!

I picked that one because @nelliebly said it made GG look like he was jumping over the moon, hence the “the cow and the fiddle” thing.

The last 10 years of my working life (civil service), we were “strongly encouraged” to have a profile pic attached to our intranet accounts. I’m proud to say that when this was announced and we were told to report to our supervisors to have our picture taken, I was the first to refuse*. A few hours later, there was a new announcement saying that we just needed to have a distinctive pic, so I downloaded a picture of my cat.

*I had many, MANY good and valid reasons for that, but just the above was probably a bit of a hijack.

This is Steve. He was the Best Cat in the World and died too young because he came pre-loaded with FIV which caused his immune system to go nuts so he would lick himself bloody. The meds to stop that problem also messed with his immune system and when he shut down, it happened fast and hard.

I still miss him, and will probably change pics shortly. I’m getting misty eyed already.

You didn’t need to do that !
It’s our problem, not yours. :cat:

Cat burger! Cat burger!