Cat penis question

I’m petsitting my BFF’s pets. One of those pets is a cat that was fixed very young. He’s a very nice kitteh who loves gets his belly rubbed.

Sometimes, while I’m rubbing his belly, this little pink thing pokes out of his fur. I promptly get all squeaked out and dump him off my lap. He doesn’t have balls, so how could his little kitteh thing start showing during a belly rub?

Some human eunuchs are supposed to still be capable of sex, so I guess testosterone isn’t necessary for an erection.

I have a dog who was neutered when a puppy and still gets massive dog erections that he takes out on his teddy bear. Just saying.

I am not a cat penis expert, but I do know to that to determine the gender of a guinea pig one presses down on the pig’s stomach and if the pig is a boy his penis will poke out. I don’t think the guinea pig is actually having an erection. So maybe it’s the same with cats? My mom has a neutered boy cat and I’ve never noticed this happening with him, but every cat is different.

That is an erection.
Rubbing a male’s belly is very close to what he feels while humping a female, so don’t be surprised.
We had a thread about a cat ejaculation caused by inattentive stomach rubbing.

Bonus points to anyone who prints that on their business card.
Add-on question for OP: Does relative age of neutering makes difference on this effect?

I always thought a eunuch was not just castrated, but also had his penis removed. No?

Cats can still get erections after being neutered. They just can’t ejaculate. Some never show signs of sexual awareness, and some have a favorite blanket/towel/stuffed toy/human they like to hump on the regular. One of them lives with me. He likes a certain corner of the couch, and a fleece blanket that’s on the bed. Eh, as long as he leaves me alone, it’s no big deal. My other boy used to try to hump my arm, including pinching my skin in his teeth to try to scruff me. Ouch. No. He stopped that after he had PU surgery. Poor guy.

One small possibility is that when the cat was neutered, he was partially cryptorchid and only partially neutered. Sometimes the cryptorchidism corrects itself and the second testicle descends later and he’s a totally viable intact male. Or doesn’t descend but still works fine. Needs to be neutered again. Sometimes the second testicle is not viable and remains cryptorchid, only findable through exploratory surgery. I’ve seen them found in a cat’s thigh. Or, most rarely, a piece of testicle somehow didn’t get excised during the neuter. In those cases, the cat may develop all the secondary sex characteristics of an intact male (the huge cheeks, stinky urine, barbed penis, marking, trying really hard to get out of the house), as the testicle material may not be viable for him to reproduce, but emits testosterone for him to develop fully.

One of the first things a vet will check when a cat is known to have undergone a neuter procedure but is displaying sexual maturity, is to check his penis. If barbs are present, there’s testicle material present, even if it can’t be seen externally, and an exploratory is called for because there’s likely a viable testicle that never descended. If there aren’t any barbs, then what testicular material may still exist is likely not viable and at that point it’s kind of up to the owner whether they can live with the behaviors/smells, as it becomes more possible the doctor might not be able to find it during an exploratory, which is very invasive/expensive abdominal surgery.

Most likely in your case, flatlined, he’s just a regular old neutered male who likes tummy rubs. :slight_smile:

Why get squicked/squeaked out. He’s just a little animal. Don’t dump him off your lap just because he’s happy, just give him a nice head rub instead.

No. There are several variations on castration, not all of them require a penectomy.

There’s probably even a list of specific terms for each variation somewhere but I don’t feel compelled to look it up.

Right? He’s not going to insist on a shotgun wedding.

My old desexed boy started getting erections as a symptom of kidney disease and was clearly uncomfortable with them but the young desexed boy came here at about a year old and he had lots of little pink snake moments in his first stressful weeks here but I haven’t seen the wriggler in a couple of months now, he is about to turn 2. Of course the comforter that got much of his love last year was put away for summer, I have no idea whether their special love will reignite when it get cool and winter warmers come out of storage.

Sitting atop the testicles is a mass of tissue called the epididymis. I have been under the impression that, for a castration to be fully effective, it’s essential to get rid of this too.

Ranchers who castrate their young colts sometimes end up with a quasi-stallion who can’t make babies, but who acts like he can. If you know what I mean. The colloquial phrase for this is “proud cut”. I think it means they didn’t get everything.

Triple bonus points if the word ‘not’ is omitted.

Sometimes cats who were neutered after reaching sexual maturity continue to show habits they developed while intact. Spraying can sometimes be a problem.

Thank you for the detailed reply. Kitty doesn’t display any of the other bad habits you mentioned. Kitty’s owner said she had never noticed this in the past, but she usually gives him belly rubs while watching TV so might have not seen it.

I love cats. I do a lot of things that many people think are over the top because I want to improve their lives. I still have limits and masturbating cats is a line I won’t cross. I am also not going to examine his penis for barbs.

The bolded part kinda worried me. Kitty doesn’t seem uncomfortable, but I’ll tell his slave that she might want to get him to the vet.

I’ve seen newly neutered males show their love for belly rubs before the testosterone left their systems, but never with a cat this old.

As was so wisely mentioned…All cats are different.

Got my cat fixed late in life because I found him as a stray. Two weeks later, I’m walking the trash out to the back curb when I notice my cat boinking one of the neighborhood cats.

Of course being a man, there was a small part of me that smiled on the inside when I saw that. Wifey made me take the cat back to the vet to make sure the operation took. It did.

Remember cats have an os penis in addition to the glans penis. I know the glans penis swells due to neural and hormonal actions but I’m not sure about the os penis. Perhaps an animal expert can enlighten us.

Strange. For a self proclaimed kitty whisperer, you seem confused by the kittehs.

I opened this thread because I have a cat and in 10 years I have never even seen his penis (which is fine with me, actually). However, on a couple of occasions he’s been known to mount my female cat (no worries, they are both fixed), which I thought was kind of peculiar. She didn’t much like it but we once had a cat in the neighborhood who begged for it and when she got it, she didn’t much like it either.

Reading this thread I have learned a lot about cat penises that I never knew. They have two?

No, the os penis mentioned upthread is the bone inside the (singular) penis.