Cave Story for WiiWare

Just a heads-up to Wii owners who may be looking for some old-fashioned platforming fun: According to Wikipedia, the 2004 PC game Cave Story is going to be released on WiiWare tomorrow, March 22. I know that other Dopers have played and enjoyed it, as I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads, but if you’re not familiar with Cave Story, I’ll just say that I personally consider it to be one of the best PC games, one of the best platformers, and unquestionable the greatest freeware game of all time. Yeah, it’s freeware–you can play it for your PC right now (and have been able to since 2004). It’s originally a Japanese game made by a guy named Pixel (I believe I read somewhere that he made the entire game–design, programming, music, and art–himself), but has been translated into English by Aeon Genesis (I think the WiiWare version will have a different translation though).

For the PC, get the Japanese version here (click on the little picture of the dude next to “2004” on the right-hand side to download and then get the translation patch here. (By the way, I highly recommend using a gamepad to play this game. It’s kind of clumsy with the keyboard).

But it sounds like the Wii version is going to have cool extra stuff, so Wii owners might want to check that out. But whether you play it on the PC or the Wii, I hope that this release will bring some more attention to this wonderful but somewhat unknown game.

I played it on PC awhile back. I was really into I Wanna Be The Guy at the time and just playing Cave Story as a sort of cool down in between. I sort of forgot about it when I gave up on IWBTG, but I didn’t really have anything bad to say about it. I remember really liking the music. I’ll probably download the WiiWare version eventually.

I bought the Wiiware version and I’ve been playing it today. I just beat the boss after getting the card in egg 6 and unlocking the force field in egg 1. It’s pretty cool but I’m frustrated with the controls. I keep hitting B with my left finger, which switches guns, and it always seems to happen at the wrong time. Wish I could disable that.

So, what are the new additions to it. Any?

I’m just playing the original now and am in the Sacred Grounds level.

I’ve been playing the hell out of it for the last 2 days. Love it, absolutely love it.

What’s been added for the Wii Version: Hard and Easy Mode, Boss Attack Mode, Sanctuary Time Attack (you can do this from the start screen w/o playing the game), Curly Brace Mode (play as Curly. Everything is the same minus a bit of dialogue), 480p resolution support, 60fps upgrade, and new gfx and sound (you can use the old ones if you like).

I’ve never played it for PC, but I must say using a controller seems so natural for this game. I’ve never been a big PC gamer besides some RTS and MMOs, so I can’t imagine using the controller.

I’ve beaten it with the normaly ending the first run-through, then read the FAQ and beat Sanctuary with Curly. I don’t think I ever would have figured out how to get the best ending w/o a FAQ. I mean… who would see the doctor fall and just leave him there?

Fantastic game, one of my favorite platformers. I would suggest just playing the PC version for free though (assuming you have a controller for your PC).

My only problem with the game is I wish it was longer. Sacred Grounds with Booster 2.0 is great, I want more levels like that.

I’ve read before that you are supposed to notice the red mark on the left cliff that indicates where to jump from.

Yeah, like that is a clue.

Any screen shots or gameplay videos with the new graphics I keep hearing about?

I’m confused. I sortof thought this was an RPG?

Nope, it’s a platformer through-and-through, albeit one with an interesting plot/characters. The only RPG elements are a few items you can collect, and the ability to power up your weapons by killing enemies.

Here’s a youtube video:

Here are some differences:

You could try playing with a Classic Controller instead of the remote. Then you won’t have that pesky B trigger right where you keep accidentally hitting it.

I don’t know if it supports the GameCube controller, but that might be another option.

The doctor is kicking my butt.

Do you have the Spur? A few fully-charged shots should do him in. If not…sorry, I can’t help you, cause that’s how I always beat him. Maybe the level 1 Nemesis, if you have that? Also, which form of the doctor are you referring to? I think in either case it’s just a matter of learning his attack pattern…maybe easier said than done.

I don’t have the spur or the nemesis. I’m on my first playthrough with no spoilers, no strategy guides / FAQs / walkthroughs.

I have the machine gun, king’s sword, the bubbler, and the rocket launcher.

For the first few forms, level three rockets just wrecks him. For the rest, just go slow and steady with the machine gun and he’ll go down.

If you think he’s hard… hehe.

I got to the part with the core and misery and sue. That’s a damn long way and a lot of fighting without a save point or much more than the occasional 2hp heart . . . unless I’m missing something?

There is indeed a way to get a few hearts before fighting the core. I won’t spoil it for you though.

Please do, unless it’s somehow some huge spoiler that’s going to ruin something else for me. I’m getting frustrated.

Just figured it out, if you mean talking to the bunnies.