CBS want Sheen back!

Incredible but so is reporting.

Looks like Moonves has been eying those figures for Charlie’s Twitter page and sell-out tour. You can’t argue with the bottom line.

Duh, winning!

Hearsay and conjecture.

They probably want Charley before he self destructs on his tour.

Getting him back augtha help him get the help that he needs.

Oh by the way Mardge, that was sarcasm!

Let’s see CBS wants someone back that is estimated to make 270 million dollars in syndicated profits

Does this suprise anyone? :slight_smile:

CBS should rebrand themselves as UBS.


I’ve watched the show with a more critical eye since all this Sheen stuff began, and the guy is right about one thing – the writers have given him some really, really stupid lines. Any actor with half a brain would have a hard time delivering those lines, and Sheen does have at least half a brain.

Example, after Berta tells Charlie he’s a nookie junkie, Charlie’s response: “I know I’ve got a vagina on my back but I can get it off!” That’s not just unfunny, it’s really bad. (But there was some funny stuff earlier in the episode when Alan’s showing Charlie how to use the washing machine.)

Some of the early episodes have some real humor in them, but I’ve come to agree that 90% of it is crap. Charlie has my sympathy, at least with regard to what the writers are giving him.

It does appear so. It seems Mr. Sheen is carving out a nicely profitable career out of acting completely wack.

And, given the level of behavior on reality shows that are making billions for television networks these days, why the hell not? You have to admit he’s really very good at it.

I’m sure I’m not the first to speculate about this, but could this be a publicity stunt, a la Joaquin Phoenix? Regardless of the $ issue, is it really believable that they’d want someone who by all accounts has lost his mind back on the show? And if this whole thing is for real, how could Charlie “stoop” to playing a role he so completely derided and work with someone he so thoroughly seems to despise (Chuck Lorre)?

I told my wife it was incredibly short sighted of CBS to fire Sheen now that he’s a social media phenomenon. People who would never watch that crappy show might tune in just to see if Sheen seems “off” and some of them may continue watching. He has over 3,000,000 Twitter followers now and the numbers can probably continue to grow as long as he keeps everyone entertained with all that Warlock vs trolls stuff. #winning!

Advantage: Charlie. Looks like he might be getting that $3 mil per ep afterall.

Still won’t make me watch 2.5 Men, but I might check out his touring show.

For $270 million, yes.

$3 million per episode.

FOX was also having talks with him for a new show, don’t know what kind, probably a reality show.

Since Sheen gets a percentage of the reruns in syndication, it makes sense for him to hype it up. As long as the show is in reruns he’ll be sitting pretty.

Follow the money! And there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Yeah, well, we have no one to blame but ourselves for that…

Follow the cocaine, it makes a nice trail.

If he actually goes back they should change the name of CBS to Charley babaloo Sheen.

Really? I thought people were getting bored with him by now. I guess that’s just me and my friends, then…

I assume the people who are actually bored with him are not bothering to participate in threads like this.

I, however, have an apparently endless capacity for Sheen-related news.