Celebrity or character names that sound like medical conditions?

I’ll start with one of each: Dick Trickle and Major Frank Burns.

Vitas Gerulaitis.

Coach Dick Crum

Drogo Baggins.
Primula Baggins.
Mungo Baggins.
Bungo Baggins.

Basically, 80% of the Baggins family tree.

Fyvush Finkel. (But I guess if you’re Jewish, that might sound ordinary.)

Wally Cox

In one of Agatha Christie’s Poirot stories, with David Suchet, Poirot is visiting an old friend who’s a doctor. The office secretary, who doesn’t know Poirot and is confused by his “foreignness” walks in to the doctors office and announces that there’s a man outside suffering from “Hercule Poirot”.:smiley:

Lemony Snicket.

From The Orville: Bortus. Don’t know what it is, but if you have it, stay near a toilet.

Foghorn Leghorn sounds like a highly exotic tumor of some sort. (I don’t think the more native-Italian-sounding Fovorno Livorno has the same problem. :))

I looked at a list of Dickens characters, thinking i might find some there. I didn’t, but one of them stood out for another reason: John Baptist Cavalletto is described as “a small time Italian smuggler”, and I thought “If for some reason I had to smuggle people, I would not want to have to start out by smuggling Italians.” :slight_smile:

Fanny Craddock.

(She used to have a cookery show on U.K. television in the distant past)

Bioroids from the Appleseed setting. Their species name sounds like something you go to a doctor to have lanced or cut off from some sensitive area.

“I can’t sit down, I have bioroids.”

Phillip K. Dick(the first stage of Wally Cox).

It’s never Peter Lupus.

You’ve contracted Dinklage, you’ll be a great actor but very short.

Peter Dinklage-Much worse.

Dick Trickle. sounds like an STI (sexually transmitted infection) but he was a race care driver

Keeping with the show theme I would hate to contract Coster-Waldau Disease.

Going the other way, have you heard of that new Country Music star Braxton Hicks?