Celebrity Pals

Are there any celebrities that you think you would be good friends with?

Remember that there are alot of ways to be considered a celebrity, so I’m not just talking about Actors, Performers and Sports Heroes but anyone that is famous for any reason.

From seeing certain people on televison…this is my list of who I think I would be good friends with.

Jessica Simpson and Nick because after watching newlyweds they seem like a really nice and down to earth couple and I would have so much fun hanging out at their house.

Raven Symone because she is pretty and it seems like she has a great sense of humor.

Greg Mathis, you know the TV Judge, anyway he reminds me of one of my uncles and I get along with my uncle pretty well.

Tahj Mowery because I think he is close to my age, he is a Christian and it just seems like we’d be good friends.

I have more but I want to see if anybody else has anything to say.

Well, you asked, so I’ll go for the obvious: Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears. He’s intelligent, has an incredible mind for music, and appears by all counts to be introspective as hell, so we’d probably hit it off pretty well.

If Jeff Goldblum’s personality is anything like the characters he plays, I bet he’d be great fun to chat with.

Matt Damon seems like he’d be pretty cool. I don’t know why; he’s just always given me that impression. (Yes, I’m a guy, and no, I’m not gay, so you can chuck those theories out the window right now.)

And I’d probably hate him, but just for the heck of it, I’d like to meet Tim Burton…if only to get a glimpse of whatever madness it is that runs through his head these days. The man just seems to wade further and further into the deep end of his own psychoses, and then feels compelled to put it on the screen. It’s like Lynch, but (supposedly) with a purpose.

From catching the occasional glimpse of his real personality on Mail Call (every once in a while the gruff Gunny personality slips), I have a feeling that R. Lee Ermey would be a heck of a guy to sit down and have a couple of beers with. He actually seems rather friendly.

I interviewed Tracy Bonham a few years ago for a local mag. Intelligent, funny, love her songs, and cute as all get out. A couple of months later, I saw her at a gig in town, and she invited me to hang out with her after the show. I had to be at work by 3 a.m., so had to pass. But I think her and I could be good friends.

I’d love to hang around with Jack Black. He seems like he would say something to screw with your head, then do the GOTCHA YA thing to make everybody laugh.

I’d like to have a drink with John Goodman. He ought to have plenty of stories to tell.

Jude Law would be a cool friend to have.

Also Johnny Depp.