Chalupa vs. Gordita: what's the difference?

I just got back from lunch at Taco Bell. I thought the Gordita meal looked good, so I ordered it. Waiting for it to be made, I saw an identically priced Chalupa meal. Then I noticed that both come in the same flavors: Baja, Sante Fe, Nacho Cheese, and Supreme. They both have the puffy flour tortilla. They both have the same fillings, the same vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, etc.).

So what the @!#?@! is the difference between the two?

P.S. - Why is Taco Bell keeping their “Fire” sause off of the condiment stand; i.e., you have to ask for it specifically? If you get enough of it, can you construct an Oklahoma City style bomb?

I think the difference is the chalupa has a crispy outside while the gordita’s outside is pillowy and soft.
The fire sauce is just too hot to kept out where the general public has access to it.

puddleglum is correct, Taco Bell lightly toasts the Gordita and calls it a chalupa.

Here in Missouri, Fire sauce is always kept out with the rest of the condiments. However, if you want green sauce you have ask for it.

I don’t think they toast the tortilla/pita bread thing- I think they deep-fry it a little.

Every time I’ve had a chalupa, the bread-ish part has been greasy as hell!

They keep the fire sauce out all the time down here(Texas), so maybe it’s a regional thing.

They keep the “Fire” sauce behind the counter because its too powerful for the general public? What kind of wimps eat at Taco Bell? Their “Fire” sauce is about twenty times weaker than Tabasco, not to mention any of the real hot sauces. Bah! I poo-poo their laughable hot sauces!

Gorditas give you bad gas, while Chalupas induce vomiting.

In behalf of real mexican cuisine, there IS a difference.

First of all, no surprise here, the Taco Bell version of a chalupa and a gordita has nothing to do with the real thang.

Second of all, to wit:

  1. Chalupa. Small flat tortilla (about the size of your palm) smeared with beans, then, meat topping (usually chicken), topped with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and cheese.

  2. Gordita: small fat and flat tortilla (about the size of your palm) cut in the middle filled with picadillo (ground meat), chicken, etc.

So there.


No, no, no. Gordita is a tyrannosaurus Rex-like reptile. Chalupa is more like a pterodactyl.

When I lived in New Mexico, and was confronted by tens of unfamiliar menu items at your typical hole-in-the-wall restaurant, they were almost always described as “well, it’s meat and beans, wrapped in a tortilla shell.”

OK, glad I got the Gorditas then.

Green sauce? :frowning: I want green sauce! Fire (red) sauce is barely there for me.

Interestingly, the last time I went to Taco Bell, they weren’t selling gorditas anymore (they still had chalupas). And after all that hype!

…and then deep-fried in some delicious animal fat (the source of which is best not thought about).

suprisingly both are high-calorie, low-flavor, combinations of grease, greasy beans, greasy meat, fatty cream sauces, greasy vegetables wrapped in a disgusting greasy tortilla.

apparantly some daring individuals attempt to eat these poisonous non-consumables