Chance to Romance -- Am I shameless or what?!

Well, today marks the 9th year of matrimonial bliss betwixt me and PLD…so I thought I’d share the tale of our first date with y’all. I’m not looking for any responses exactly so this thread will probably drop

Just thought I’d share, that’s all. And, since I went and typed it all up, I figured I put it up with a pic in web-friendly format…so if you want photographic evidence of that first date (I just knew I’d marry him!), feel free to drop by… [Unless otherwise noted, all locations are in Ohio.]

You know, I can’t believe it never occurred to Jen to fix me up with this cute, funny guy… Good thing we ran into each other. :smiley:


Congrats on 9 years of marriage.

I am quite sure that you do not know me or much about me, but I have had quite a few “discussions” with your husband over religion, God, Gov’t and many of his other favorite topics. I respect him greatly though I seldom agree with him.

Your first date story was an interesting one, thanks for sharing it with us.


That was very sweet Peta. Funny, I was just thinking today how Phil has lost his bitterness and spite, though not his edge. Is he mellowing out in his old age or did you put something in his food? :smiley:

I remember when I first got to the board, the only thing I was afraid of was being taken to the cleaners by Phil! It’s kind of strange to think of that time, with this story and his seemingly new attitude.

Sounds like you guys have a wonderful thing going. Congrats on your success.

Oh, Peta that’s makin’ me feel all sweet and warm inside! Thanks for sharing it. Happy Happy Anniversary!

and congratulations to you both!!

9 years! I can get a female to interact with me for 9 MINUTES.

On a good day, that is.

Aw, he’s just lulling everyone into a false sense of security. :cool:

And thanks everyone for the good wishes in this thread and Phil’s thread.

Great story, Leigh-Anne - and I’m deeply amused by you and Phil having your first date at a church dance.

May the two of you have a lifetime of growing together. :slight_smile: