Change mouseover to click? PC question

Oh help me, please.

The mouse pinter on my Compaq laptop is set so that if the cursor is over an object for more than 3 seconds, the system interprets that as a click. I don’t want that - I want a click to be a click.

Do you know how to change this? I am running Windows XP.

Thank you.

What you describe is not a normal Windows feature, so it’s almost certainly something special that Compaq added specifically for their laptops. Here are three possiblities to check out …

  1. Go to Control Panel | Mouse, and hunt around among the options.
  2. Go to Control Panel | Accessiblity Options, and hunt around among the options.
  3. Look in Control Panel, or in the Start menu, or in the system tray (the row of small icons in the lower right corner by the clock). You’re looking for anything that says “Compaq …” and might relate to features or hardware or …

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but without having a similar machine I just don’t know.

My ancient HP Omnibook 2100 does that too, whenever I take out the PCMCIA SCSI adapter card and CDROM. But in my case it looks like the mouse pad is sending a continuous stream of clicks.

I’m running Windows 98SE.