Change of seasons in the MMP

It’s autumn, at least according to the calendar. Locally, we’re expecting temps in the low 90s. That’s so wrong!!! I’m ready to put away the shorts and pull out the hoodies. But, of course, there’s no climate change - it’s a Chinese hoax… :rolleyes:

Happy First of Fall and Happy Moanday!!

heh its 90 degrees here during daylight until about a week before thanksgiving sometimes…we dont usually have fall… the leaves freeze on the trees right around Xmas …

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 64 Amurrkin out and mostly cloudy with a predicted high of 91 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Highs shall climb to the mid to upper nineties this week. Fall? We don’t need no stinkin’ Fall! :smiley: Not much on the agenda today. I shall spiff the bathrooms and the kitchen but no sense in cleanin’ the rest of da cave bein’ as tomorrow the floor folks show up to do their thing. I shall also take care of some laundry that needs doin’. This will be pretty much a no cook week as well. We shall swipe The General’s sup this evenin’. Take out or sammiches are on the menu all week. Then again this could all be over in a couple of days. We shall see.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

As long as you don’t use in on one of those guys with white face makeup & gloves, because a mime is a terrible thing to waste

Had a good wickend; weather cooperated for all flights; except record crowds made for absolute gridlock on Sat evening; which caused me to need to replace a filter. :mad:

Stopped at the groc on the way home {::helps Swampy to sit down::} as there was no TP at all (other than the 48 ‘emergency’ rolls {::helpsSwampy to stand back up}) & went thru the pics on one camera last night. I might be getting a cool new (to me) camera, too.

As for the OP, Da Bear is right; we don’t need no stinkin’ Fall. :mad:
P.S. it is The Boss’s b-day. Not my boss, The Boss; 70 years ago he was Born in the USA.

Hot here too in N. Ali-bama. Going to 90F today and then, according to the forecast, it will get hotter as the month ends (predicted 95F high for 30 Sep). My biggest concern is that we haven’t seen any rain in two weeks, so I just put the sprinkler on the front yard (if anything will attract rain, my doing that will). Also need to launder some odds and ends and practice soccer with the 12U boys. Slept until nearly 8am so seem to be refreshed.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift today. I’m hitting up hockey practice before work.

You are Marceau on THE LIST for that one.

blurf irking as usual blurf

I got my flu shot - I think I was in CVS all of 10 minutes! Then a quick run to Food Lion for assorted stuff.

Once I got home, I vacu-packed the burgers and chickie tits, then built a meatloaf. All that stuff is in the freezer except 2 of the chickie tits - I think they’ll go into stir-fry for supper.

And I refilled the critter fountain and scooped the cat box - all before 10AM!! I also got a text from payroll at work - I forgot to finish my time card for last week, and this week is payday, so it’s kinda important.

I think I’m done with major chores for the day. YAY!

Happy Moonday!

It’s going to be hot today.

We came home from the park early because Echo had a fit when I left her in the crate. Then when I got home my son had let her out and was watching her while he did his homeirk.

Echo is not a Ripple. She is way more active, much bolder, and has a little bit of a temper too. She is much noisier when she plays, she growls and sounds like the Tasmanian devil. When she gets too rough Ripple will hold her in his paws and she just goes off on him. He’s not hurting her but she sure doesn’t like it.
She has already had more accidents in the house (4) than he has the whole time I’ve had him.
But she had a long flight to get here, and we got home after 7 last night, so she needs a little time to adjust I know. I need to carry her all the way outside in the morning. I carried her down the stairs and set her down, and she peed at the bottom of the stairs.

Ripple is delighted to have a ‘little sister’, but she wears him out.

Only one nasty incident from Ripple. I stopped at Sonic on the way home and they gave me a pup cup for Echo. I brought it home for Ripple, but I gave her a little spoonful in her bowl. He flipped out, and grabbed her bowl and ate her ice cream. Other than that he has been good with her. He lets her eat breakfast and then he cleans her bowl, and she can sneak bites out of his bowl while he is eating. She stole his chicken treat and he let her, and she has claimed his bed.

Adam is not impressed, but he let her wash his face.

My son’s test got graded and he ended up with a B. I told him to wait until it was graded.

**MetalMouse ** I am one of those people who doesn’t really need a truck, I just want one. My first vehicle was a truck and the few times I’ve had cars I’ve hated them. I like sitting up higher. I had a horse when I got my first truck and having a truck to haul my own hay and straw was nice. I guess it is what you get used to. Like one of my friends said, when you drive a car after driving a truck, you feel like your ass is scraping the ground.

Calling about getting running boards today though.

So going to be a busy day today.

One more accomplishment - I boiled and peeled a dozen eggs. NOW I can chill a bit.


**sari **- so, how did the boy react to your new roomie? Or did I miss a post about it?


I rubbed my chest this morning, as I struggled into consciousness. I’ve been able to feel my xiphoid process for some time now, having lost a great deal of weight. But what’s this lump a couple of inches above it? It’s hard. Is that another bone on my sternum? I decided it was a zit, or perhaps a bite from some chitinous arthropod. I got up and opened my old computer to check emails and such, then closed the lid in preparation of getting my new computer out so that I can log into work and start the day. But what about that lump?

I can’t resist squeezing a zit. I just can’t. I was slouched on the couch, and I squeezed the lump with both thumbs and forefingers. A brownish-red stream erupted like a laser. I heard it hit the ceiling. Yes, there was a splatter on the overhead. There were droplets of bloody pus on the lid of my old computer. That was a hell of a zit! I’ve never had one like that! It hit the bloody ceiling! :eek: I got out the 409 and cleaned my computer and the ceiling. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before.

Now aren’t you glad you read this? Enjoy your breakfast.

You say my boy and I think which one?

My son is not impressed with Echo.
But he did get up this morning to let her out of the crate. He doesn’t understand why we have to have two dogs. He is lucky, I used to have 5-7 dogs at any given time. It is because of him that I stopped having so many dogs. I should tell him that.
I don’t ever want to have that many dogs again, too much work and too much money. I never really wanted that many, but I was taking in strays and I had a hard time saying ‘no’. It was chaotic and noisy and I loved all of them, but two is enough.

Echo finally fell asleep. She looks so tiny in Ripple’s bed. I can tell Ripple wants his bed back but he is letting her sleep. I can stretcch it out and make it longer, it’s two couch cushions, one on top the other, and then wrapped up in an old blanket.
It is big enough for both of them to curl up together, maybe they will get to that point.

ugh **Flyboy ** glad I already ate

blurf Sari you got the puppy? I missed that. How about a picture.

Just The List; I’m not getting put in The Box for that? I can show you dimensions of the box by using my hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

You wanna talk about disgusting? Here’s something that’ll really make you lose your lunch!

You’ve been warned! I mean, isn’t that the scariest, most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen! :eek:

Plants gotta eat.

We’re supposed to get some cool nights at least starting tomorrow. Some of those days where the high and low temps are 40 degrees apart. My sinuses just LOVE that stuff.

For bonus points name the one movie he spoke in while in character and repeat his line(s).

It actually sounds more like an infected cyst. Not the really cool kind with hair and teeth but a cyst nonetheless.

Silent Movie: No.

Roxy and I took a walk and now she’s watching Sesame Street. It’s an exciting afternoon at FairyChatEstates!

i grew up with anywhere between 1-13 cats in the house at any one time…and I woke up the second time all stuffed up…and sore…days gonna suck…only good thing is aunt might make her first day of fall feast …

no offense sari your son should be glad he has a saint for a mom cause he gets away with things most people wouldn’t have ever put up with…

like my aunt’s response would be "why is there two dogs here? cause i pay the rent and bills and you dont … all problems with it can be taken there and she’d point out the front door and say the storage place is down the street you may use its services at your leisure Just filter that through the mouth of a impoite truck driving sailor …

my mom would have popped me a good one upside the head for arguing with her in the first place about it way back when ya first mentioned it …

Afternoon all. Starting to dress for soccer practice, waiting for my Blue Jeans to complete the dryer cycle.

flyboy, I agree with ruble, that sounds like something more than some pimple. If it occurs again I’d get it checked out.

Sari, sounds like the pup is fitting right in. Glad Ripple seems to like having a housemate.

And I understand about sitting ‘up’. Never owned a truck but I bought my first SUV in 2003 (Toyota Highlander) and plan to continue to do so for the same reason you cite.

Never had more than one pet when I was growing up and being single I just never felt that I would be a good pet owner (albeit I love dogs). Brother on other hand had up to 4 dogs at a time (down to 2 now).

Howdy Y’all! I think everything is ready for the floor people to come get started tomorrow. Didn’t have to move stuff like beds, dressers, china cabinets (yes, I have two), sofas and other miscellaneous heavyish stuff as they told me they can deal with ‘em as they layed (laid?) the new floors. We et the General’s sup and in a bit I shall head off to my meetin’ this evenin’. There are no teevees in da cave right now. Well, there are but they are in the garage. We’ll have to resort to our laptops to watch stuff on Netflix. It feels positively primitive! :smiley:

Sari glad to hear Echo and Ripple are gettin’ along. I agree with him about the ice cream, however. Some things just are not meant to be shared.