Chappelle: The Lost Episodes

I did a search and couldn’t find anything on this yet. So Comedy Central is airing some of the sketches that Dave filmed for the third season before he flaked out and went to Africa. I thought the material was very sharp and fresh and up to the standards of the firts two seasons. The Tupak sketch was probably the best. This stuff was maybe not as good as the most brilliant stuff from the first two seasons but it still leaves Mencia in the dust.

Other thoughts?

I enjoyed it. I loved Charlie Murphy “I’m not mad at Dave because without him you would still be calling me Eddie Murphy’s brother” and the other guy who needed more camera time. I loved the Tupac sketch “This song was written in 1994!”


I liked what Charlie Murphy said about not being mad at Dave because without him, people would still be just calling him Eddie Murphy’s older brother. Kind of was a nice bittersweet statement.

As far as the sketches, they were alright, but certainly not anything classic.


Yeah, I thought it was good stuff. I really liked the first two parts of the revenge skit. Any chance those revenge fantasies were based on real moments from his past?

The only thing I liked from the opening bits with Charlie Murphy and the other guy was them talking to the producer:
“Hey, where’s Dave?”
“Africa Africa”
“NO! I’m broke, bitch!”

Overall, I thought it was very good. The Tupac sketch was the best. I also like what they did with the intro singers.

It was pretty funny, but the vibe was really weird.

Was that woman really his wife? Does any have a pic of her?

I remember reading elsewhere that his wife is Asian, so I’m going to guess that it was really her.

I don’t think that’s her. I have seen her picture somewhere. His wife is Asian though, Filipina if I am not mistaken.

Was the “Racial Draft” part of these lost episodes, or was that just an episode I missed from the first two seasons (which I THOUGHT I’d seen all of).

Because that was funny as fucking shit.

Tiger Woods, “No more fried rice. Just fried chicken”.

The Asians drafting Wu-Tang Clan was hilarious.

That was from last season.

That is a really good sketch, though.