Characters in Commercials that You Hate

I was going to say that the Belvita Biscuit Girl annoyed me, but after watching this clip a couple of times, she won me over.

I now think she is far too adorable to hate; somewhere between the dog blogging, the fake crying, the speed bag work out, fake owl spotting, poodle petting, and trying to claim credit for the song, I fell in love.

Yes, she’s a cute girl.

The little kid on the radio singing that obnoxious “1-877-KARS-4-KIDS” jingle.

I’m glad it isn’t just me. I even asked the wife if she thought there was something strange about that guy. She doesn’t see it…? If that guy passed close by me, I’d check my wallet. Or maybe I’d give him a dollar so he could buy another bottle of Thunderbird.

That smug asshat in the Blu e-cig commercials. Something about his “taking back our rights” narration, combined with the goofiness of the product (really, do any of those people sucking on glowing sticks look “cool” to anyone?), just irritate the hell out of me.

Everybody in the “Framily” commercials. Especially the ones that feature a hamster running in his plastic ball and making comments. “You can also text.”

That alone is enough to make you stop listening to AM radio! If driving in rush hour traffic isn’t bad enough, that little bastard is enough to push a person to into having an episode of atomic road rage.

Plus, as the State Troopers tackle you in the median and slap the cuffs on you, you are still wondering why that phone number has too many digits in it.

I like smoking (I quit) and I’ve never tried e-cigs, but those commercials are doing neither Blu nor Stephen Dorff (the asshat) any favors. Even were I to take up smoking again, or considered using e-cigs, the smug endorsement of a C-list actor sure isn’t going to draw my business their way.

Agreed; everyone except Judy Greer. I love her in pretty much anything.

I don’t watch commercials often (I’ve completely missed Tivago Guy, for instance), but I’ve somehow seen Red from the Wendy’s commercials enough to absolutely loathe her. I hate her sooooo much, it-it- the f - it -flam - flames. Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths. Heaving breaths… Heathing…

I kinda like convenience-store-robbery-thwarter-with-Slim-Jims-even-though-it-isn’t-at-all-a-Slim-Jim-commercial guy. “On! My! Count!”

That Verizon commercial with the dude running around and surveying random peopl ohff the street. “…COME ON TODD!!”

Uhg! If I were Todd I’d smack that guy.



I thought it was just me with the Trivago guy. I can’t explain it, but there is just…something that squicks me out. I have wondered if maybe he is the CEO and that’s why he is in the commercials. I change the channel EVERY TIME long enough to go back and not have to see their commercials.

Makes me glad I can change stations with a button on my steering wheel. I hate the slightly older brat also.
Trade them for two kids from Honduras, that’s what I say.

As for Flo - yick. She and all the other people in those commercials make me want to puke.

For a flash from the past, Enzyte Bob and his ugly wife.

There’s a whole series ofthese stupid commercialsfor Jack Links Beef Jerky. I hate everyone in them. (it may be a local thing, but they play constantly during Mariners’ games)

Also don’t like Flo.

Believe it or not, I’ve never seen a Trivago commercial. But googling “Trivago guy” reveals lots of hate.

He was called Maxwell from his first appearance.

And as stupid as I find the term “Framily”, I think those commercials are a hoot because they’re so absurd.

My father’s name is Gordon so I have to smile at “It’s pronounced GorDON”.

And he’s hardly the most hateful, but John Kasinski is now stuck selling esurance even after it’s now “backed by Allstate”, kind of the opposite of what the ads were supposed to represent. So I think of him as a sellout (not fair, I know).
The worst is anything grotesque – ripping your head open to reveal a smaller head (even Colbert who I love), eating Skittles off someone’s face, other grotesqueries I have blocked out.

Diamondbacks games, too. Extra innings are sponsored by Jack Links Beef Jerky - feed your wild side (feed it!). (Diamondbacks may not win a lot of games, but they get a lot of extra inning games.)

As for the commercials - the people messing with Sasquatch are jerks, but in the later commercials, now that they are all buds, ol’ Squatch is just as much of a jerk as the humans. Equal opportunity…uh…yay?

Those toilet paper bears. And that british bint hawking the ass wipes. Weird ass freaks obsessed the bathroom habits of strangers. God I loathe them.

Captain Obvious from the commercials. All their commercials are weird, very vaguely creepy, and just - no. Just no. Take it off the air. PLEASE.

I’m actually friends with her on Facebook. She’s a very nice (and funny) person.

She has some funny stuff on her YouTube channel too.