Charlie Sheen Arrested In Aspen

Just read that ol’ Charlie sounds like he is back up to his old tricks again, as he was arrested last night in Aspen, Colorado on suspicion of domestic violence assault and a few other less serious charges…

It said he will be held without bond, until court is back in session after the holiday weekend.

Is that standard procedure on DV arrests (not allowing the accused to bond out) or does that mean that it was an extra serious (alleged) assault?

Seems to me that the rich and famous usually can get bailed out after just about any arrests, including things seemingly much more serious than an assault charge.

ETA—I see that two of the charges are felonies, so whatever happened it sounds pretty serious.

If only he could run into Jennifer Grey while he’s in there…

“Why are you here?”

Here’s the story

Full story from The Denver Channel - KMGH-TV Channel 7


Despite the Aspen authorities previously stating that Charlie Sheen was not eligible for bond or bail because of the serious nature of his alleged crimes, he was released earlier this evening after all, just in time to spend the rest of the holiday with his beloved family.

Oh thank god.

Doubtless the judge would have interrupted his Christmas holiday to personally OK the special bond release for any other ordinary citizen in the same situation, as Aspen would never give special treatment to the wealthy or the famous…

Yes, I’ve heard that Aspen and L.A. have both signed a special accord creating a “zero tolerance” policy against that…

Not that I would want to defend the guy, but it may not have been his fault.

Thank you for posting this—I had not read anything except for the AP story that was on, which had no specific details on the alleged crimes.

If his wife was drunk and called in a false abuse/assault report, maybe a long holiday weekend in jail would discourage her from similar actions in the future.

I have to disagree with the bond issues, because the whole point of bail is to allow people who are not a threat to the community and not unlikely to skip the opportunity to stay out of jail till their trail.

This also saves the county/city money.

I mean Charlie Sheen is far to famous to skip bail. Everyone knows who he is, he can’t skip the country. And while he may be a threat to his wife and/or kids, he isn’t a threat to the community as a whole. So perhaps he could’ve been give bond with the condition he stay away from his wife?

Yeah I am not saying that celebrities don’t get special privileges, I was just commenting on the nature of bond/bail as a whole

Roman Polanski agrees with this post.



I’m sure he knows a make up artist… I mean, if Robin Williams can pass as a 60 year old woman, I’m sure pretty boy Charlie could become Charlize. :smiley: (j/k)