Charlie Sheen in trouble again!!

Sheen was taken to the hospital after a drunken furniture smashing spree at NYC’s Plaza Hotel. And oh yes, the “celebrity escort” who was with him at the time was hiding in the closet. And Sheen was naked.

He was later released from the hospital In other news, Eloise is still in the hospital with a non-stop, uncontrolable laughing fit (okay, I made up that last part).

But the man do have his problems!

Oh man, I love Charlie. He’s my hero.

Ditto. Gotta love that guy.

According to a news blurb on CNN, his reps said that he had had “an allergic reaction.” Yes, they did.

And I’m sure most of us would gladly swap problems with him!

You’d think he’s been in show business long enough to never agree to go on vacation with the Quaids.

Oh that lovable coke-snorting, girlfriend-shooting, wife-beating, 9/11-conspiracy-believing rascal!

Joy Behar had Denise Richards on last night (I found this by channel surfing) and she said she knew what happened, but wouldn’t discuss it.

Such an interesting fellow.

I wish I was rich and famous enough to get away with that. And then I’d not actually do that.

I worked part time at a Days Inn a long time ago and this happend, well not often but enough. And they weren’t even famous people :slight_smile:

He shot Kelly Preston. And beat up Brooke Mueller. Now he’s only chasing women into the closet.

Clearly he’s trying to taper off on domestic abuse.

True. If I was earning tens of millions of dollars and had women like Kelly Preston, Ginger Lynn, or Denise Richards in my bed, I’d be feeling pretty okay with the world.

Turns out the woman hiding in the bathroom was 22 year old porn star Christina Walsh, who works under the name Capri Anderson.

Yep, I can see why youse guys would like to be Charlie Sheen–fame, money, gorgeous babes, and the ability to be drunk, stoned and violent wihtout doing jail time.

He’s a coked-up whackjob.

I think I’d keep the first three, and leave him the last. :smiley:

Here’s the best part from that link, bolding mine.

This would be a Bill McNeal type family vacation, right? Good times!

Seriously. He basically accused Ted Olson of making up the final phone conversation he had with his wife minutes before she was killed when AA Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon because “757’s didn’t have onboard phones,” except that they did, as even the Truther who wrote the book Charlie Sheen was relying on later admitted. Charlie Sheen is a dick.

I must admit, Charlie can be pretty funny playing himself (or perhaps, a toned-down, more easy-going version of himself) on “Two and a Half Men”. But incidents like this do make me wonder – what are the chances of this guy actually living to a ripe old age?

His father Martin Sheen has always been a really nice, stand up guy. (My mother had a crush on him). I wonder how he feels about Charlie’s escapades.