Charlie Sheen on Improv-a-Ganza: What did he say?

Charlie Sheen did a (really short) guest shot in Drew Carey’s new Improv-a-Ganza show last night. Apparently it was actually filmed back in January. He came in for a bit where each person told a short part of a story. When Charlie’s turn finally came, they bleeped basically everything he said, which was just a few words, seemed to be totally unrelated to the story so far, and so there was no real context to figure out what he actually said.

I spent a long time googling, expecting to find a YouTube with someone’s unedited cell phone video of it, or at least a blog or something from someone who was actually in the live audience and reported on what Charlie actually said. But all I could find were vague references. From those, I gather that it was about dead hookers, probably something like “Charlie Sheen fucks dead hookers”.

But I’d still kind of like to know for sure, especially since some of the other players repeated what Charlie said, or made some variation on it, all of which caused major laughter in the live audience. Was anyone here actually in the live audience, or knows someone who was, or has better google-fu than I do?

They do that fucking bleeping because the “bad words” offend some people. But hearing bleeps instead of what the person actually said deeply offends me. Especially when the live audience then explodes in laughter. Why bother even showing it, then bleeping it so that the TV viewers entirely miss the joke?

It was “Charlie Sheen fucked a dead hooker”. They replayed it at 11 (which is when I record it anyway) and the left more in than the earlier version (Which I happened to watch).

I thought dead hookers was Ben Affleck’s thing. :confused:

Ben Affleck is a very generous man. I’ve never known him to refuse to share a dead hooker.