Charter members: remember subscription anniversary is coming up

I think all the Charter members have roughly the same subscription date. Just a reminder that it’s likely coming up soon - I checked my User CP and it’s coming up in a few weeks.

Last year I took the 2 year option, so I’ve another year to go. I strongly recommend that route.

Thanks for the reminder.


And this.

Me too. But thaqnks for the reminder that got me to check to make sure I had another year left.:slight_smile:

Hey, all you other Charter Members, why not subscribe for two years this time. All the cool kids do it!

In for 2 last time as well. So even the uncool kids are doing it!

Behold the specter of one doomed to wander the board forever charterless through missing the subscription date! Take heed!

You will be visited by three Spirits … wait, that’s a different story.

With the SDMB down for a couple of days, will management extend our subscription by 24/48 hours? They did this in the past with similar outages. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I’m just asking cuz somebody has to ask! :slight_smile:

I thought I always re-upped for two years, but mine is due this year; not sure how I got out of sync.

Why are you posting this here out in the open instead of on the hidden Charter Member subforum?

Wait, I did that?!? :smack:

Nothing to see here, nothing at all, move along…

I re-upped for two years last week. :slight_smile:

Great Og, I just re-upped. Now I’m going to have to put up with this place for another two years. Why do I do this to myself?

Thanks for the reminder. A few years ago I forgot and had to beg to get my Charter Membership back after being late for a half day. It worked then, but I think they won’t let you do that anymore.

You can also take the 2 year option annually, and push the deadline into the 2020s. For those who are wondering.

O WHAT can ail thee, straight dope poster,
Alone and palely loitering?


Thanks for the heads-up.


I’ll add my thanks for the reminder. Just re-upped for two years!

Expiry Date


Do we get an email notification when it’s due? I don’t even remember, as I think I bought a multi-year subscription last time. Mine doesn’t expire until July, so hopefully I’ll remember then to re-up.

Yeah, but I think it’s on pretty short notice, like maybe the day before.