Cheap Advantage?

When I brought home my feral kitty Poppy the foster mom gave her an application of Advantage. I like the idea of not using flea collars because of the chemicals and the fact I have small kids.

I’ve been pricing this stuff and have found it to be all over the board. From about $25 to $45 for four applications. Seems the brick-and-mortars are more expensive than online stores, excluding PetCo & PetSmart, which have the same prices online or in-store.

What’s the best way to buy this stuff? Is it possible that the less expensive listings aren’t the real thing? I remember when it was only available through vet’s offices.

Anybody have a good reliable connection?

Flea collars don’t work. Don’t waste your money.

Make sure you’re getting the real thing if you decide to buy online. Some of the “knock off” products are simply concentrated pyrethrins, and can be fatal to some cats. In addition to the fact that they don’t work.

I’m not sure, but I have heard that the online companies require a prescription from your vet, which some vets won’t give. If you do decide to go the “online ordering” route, will you please update and let me know how it goes? I have 8 cats and Advantage gets expensive, even though I consider it well worth it.

We once put a flea collar on one of our cats and it made her sick. I wouldn’t try it.

And whatever you do, do NOT be tempted to buy the cheap Hartz version of Advantage-supposedly, it can make pets very sick.

We’ve used petshed to buy our flea & tick meds–they’re quite fast & inexpensive, even though it comes all the way from Oz.

Great picture of “yawning and paw stretching!” :smiley:

I have used Advantage Plus with great results. My vet recommended that I order through which doesn’t require a prescription, and I have been quite pleased with the company, especially in regard to the speed in which my orders were delivered.

I’m happy to share my experience with y’all. This morning I ordered a four-pack from a website called petshed dot com. They’re in Oz, too. Got it for $24.95 plus $5 for shipping. Still far cheaper than anything else I’ve seen.

Just did a google search and found the lowest price. Hope I don’t regret it! Site says four to ten business days for delivery. I’ll report back when the product comes.

Thanks all!

Advantage and Frontline do not require an Rx, anywhere (that I know of). Heartworm prevention and most other pet medications do. Don’t bother with flea collars, they only kill fleas that are actually on the collar, and they stink. Also, don’t bother with pretty much any other over-the-counter flea meds, they only last about a week if they work at all, so any initial savings are wasted.

When I worked at a vet clinic I never heard anyone say that they did not get authentic products from these companies. I would order online and not worry about it.