cheaters, ex's and weird moments

I knew it was bound to happen one day. I saw my ex with the girl he cheated with at a store. Its funny, he did not see me. I left the store because I did not want to feel awkward. All I can say to myself over and over again is that hes not worth it.

Say it and believe it.

First sightings of a prior SO with their new “somebody” can be strange. I know it’s hard to believe, but a girl once dumped me for another guy.
I rebounded rather quickly, and was soon dating again. When my ex saw us on a downtown sidewalk, she got all sorts of pissed and created a real scene. And she’s the one that dumped me!
You’re right about weird, cherry. It happens.

Good luck in the future, and welcome to the SDMB. :slight_smile:

Definitely going with the “he’s not worth it” thing too. :slight_smile:

I walked in on my ex in MY BED with a girl (not even a serious girl!). Weren’t they surprised! Anyway, I confronted her at the convenience store she worked at…in front of her boss…and told her it was nice to see her with her clothes on! Paybacks can be a bitch!

My odd moment(S):

3 years ago I took a job that required me to travel extensively. Most notably, I was commuting from Texas to Georgia every week. In that time, I ran into an ex-girlfriend (she was married, and I was married during the time when she was my ‘girlfriend,’ so you do the math) who was working as a flight attendant on several occasions. Awkward wasn’t the beginning of the word for it…

Also, as I was traveling back and forth each week, I was (of course) flying in and out of the same airport week after week. I ran into another ‘ex-girlfriend’ twice at this airport while she was waiting for the arrival of her hubby. Yes, this one was also my ‘girlfriend’ AFTER she was married…ahem…and again, awkward to say the very least.

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I definitely feel this moment, my crap-ex-boyfriend (who shall be refered to as CexB, from henceforth) gave me a nice twist on this awkward moment.

He’s 24, now living with his parents in the town he went to high school in, and unemployed. A winner on all counts. We’ve been split for …awhile, and I made it clear I had no desire to keep up with his lovelife post-us…What did he do?

Called me up last week out of the blue (actually, his pretense was to get the # of a friend with whom he cheated on me with…hmmmm.) but really to tell me he was dating someone else- The only thing that prevented me from freaking entirely out, was that HE PICKED THE MOST OBNOXIOUS GIRL ON THE PLANET. Yes friends, most if not all of the sting has been assuaged because we both have known this girl for years and at no point would I ever consider jealousy. Anyway, I’m just saying the universe worked it out nicely for me. CexB is now saddled with self-involved, attention-getting, snort-laugher…I’m almost looking forward to the first sighting in the wild…

I ran into my ex for the first time since right after we broke up (about 8 mo. later), with his new S.O. The weirdest part? She has the same name as me! (And my name IRL isn’t terribly common.) Other than that, I think we have not much in common.

Last I heard about my grandfather, his wife was getting a divorce because he was screwing around on her.

The man’s in his eighties, and this will be the 4th (or maybe 5th) wife he’s cheated on.


My uncle’s first wife found out that he was cheating on her when she went to a department store…and there were uncle and his ho, shopping for something-or-other. Ho later became his second wife.

Eva Luna I’ve had a similar situation to that! A few months after we broke up, my ex ended up going out with someone with the same name as me and the same physical characteristics (Asian and with glasses). It was kind of freaky when I heard about it from my cousin, but to my knowledge, they’re not going out anymore.

I was at a hotel bar in Bahrain (Gulf Hotel) and met up with a group of flight attendents from Gulf Air. Had a very nice time with one, and arranged to meet next time we were both in the same place (like two or three weeks later). Two or three weeks pass, I am back in the bar talking to a guy I had just met who is in the British Army (I was active duty Marines at the time) and we were having a great time. His wife is upstairs, not feeling too well. We head to the bathroom at the same time, and I come out first, and see that flight attendent. My new buddy walked out a second later and calls her name, then proceeds to introduce me to her, his wife. We went back to the bar, the three of us, and chatted a while, acting like we didn’t “know” each other.

I had no clue she was married.

Whoa. I wonder if that woman’s ever fooled around again.

I love it how females always try to delude/console themselves in the aftermath of a failed relationship. Men, of course, simply do not give a shit. At least, I don’t grade * my * self-worth based on what some pissy ex-girlfriend thinks of me or if she’s seeing someone else.