"Cheese-eating surrender monkeys"

Think about what referring to French people as “cheese eating surrender monkeys” really is. Maybe I’ve had a humour bypass, but it sounds like bigotry to me. I don’t think it’s funny to continually disparage a whole nation on the basis of something that happened over fifty years ago. It’s history. Get over it. Laughing at those stupid French people. Hur hur hur.

It’s not acceptable any more to laugh about how all Germans are Nazis. We’re all enlightened enough to say “Hey, that was a long time ago, The Germans can be groovy people now”. Offer the same courtesy to French people. Outdated and offensive stereotypes aren’t funny any more.

Of course Germans can be groovy people. As long as you aren’t Polish.


Who said that? Link? Did it also involve licking balls?

Or as long as you aren’t French, either. Or Danish, or Norwegian, or …
d&r after Rick

Who said that? Link?

Churchill: Ou est le masse de manoeuvre? (Where are the reserves?)

Gamelin: Aucune. (There are none).


??? I didn’t mean both those posts to go through… that was weird. Sorry.

Well, Lola, there be a lot of ball lickin’ going on round these parts latelys, and it just ain’t right dagnabit!

The latest example was indeed provided in the Why France and Germany can lick my balls… thread by RexDart, but I’m not talking about specific examples. It’s the general casual use of phrase itself that annoys me.

Well then stop eating so much damn cheese!!!

PS. “Groovy German” just doesn’t sound right.

Yeah, gee, making fun of French people is as silly as, oh, gee, I don’t know, automatically assuming that all Southerners are ignorant bigots just because you’ve always heard it was so and the only time the South breaks the national news radar is when some assholes put sheets on their heads.

Note: I’m not pointing fingers at any one person here; I don’t specifically recall anyone here ever making fun of Southerners. But all things being relative, I think the French get off pretty easy when it comes to stereotypes.

I’ll get off my soapbox now. Fight the power.

Send some my way!

Willy hears you, Willy don’t care.

I like cheese.

Look, I’m white I want to be able to make fun of SOMEONE!

I can’t make fun of hicks, hillbillys, mountain men or trailer trash.

They all have guns! :frowning:

The french don’t have guns!

And I don’t like wine so they can’t threaten to cut me off from wine!

Will you people just stop it with the ball licking? I can’t take it no mores!

Homebrew: You can have my balls when I’m good and finished with them, and not before. Got it?

Seriously, with regard to the OP:

Yeah it may offend French people, but it depends a lot on the context it is used in. You can read into it what you will.

I personally wouldn’t use a phrase like that, becasue:

  • yes it can be seen as offensive
  • it’s not even very good or funny

When come back, bring quiche.

Hmm. It just doesn’t feel the same.

Forget I said anything.

And here I was wondering why someone was calling Wisconsin residents “surrender monkeys”. :eek: :smiley:

That was Karp2381 that gets the credit for that thread not Rex.