Cheesy 80's Disney TV Sci-Fi Movie

The Earth was overcrowded, horribly polluted, blah blah blah…
A bunch of kids from the space academy or whatever are selected to visit a distant planet, in hopes of colonizing it…
Evil program director diverts them, wants to screw Earth and just start over…

Nifty details: rail gun, modular spaceship, cyborg with invisible fingers, crusty old space dude, space punks, young genius w/ crush on the computer, sonic shower, hints of string theory…

It aired on the Wonderful World of Disney sometime in the '80s, probably in 2 or 3 parts. What was the title?

You don’t mean The Black Hole, do you?

No, that’s defintally not The Black Hole (which has one of the best themes I’ve ever heard).

Definitely NOT the Black Hole.


Crew ages 11-20.
Little boy was computer/tech specialist
His sister was ship’s doctor

They fight an ex-space marine who’s changed his name to Top Dog and has a force-field bracelet.
They pick up Top Dog’s former commander who cleans up, and joins the crew.

They discover that Earth command is making cyborgs called Husks.

Further, EC is working on Assembly. A project to join a bunch of regular ships into a single uber-ship. I can’t remember what the uber-ship was for though.

The kids and the ex sm, destroy assembly using a rail gun and some kind of jerry-rigged laser.

During big climactic scene somebody has to hold two halves of broken circuit board together.

The thing was obviously a pilot for a series that was never made.

I hope these details help.

I think there’s a bit about it in an issue of Cinefantastique with a Little Shop Of Horrors(the film adaption of the musical with Rick Moranis) cover. Later on, I may actually get up and look for it.

Yeah, and on Earth, there’s oxygen booths and this fast-food place that has ugly-looking burgers that you eat standing up…man, what is this stupid movie in my head?

Earth Star Voyager (1988)

Was this the cheesy made-for-TV movie where the kids were dancing to late 80’s hiphop when the FTL ship picked up radio broadcasts from earth from that time?



Man, that was one cheesy movie.

Thanks Guy Propski! That’s it, all right. I don’t remember the bit about catching up to '80s music. Perhaps it’s better that way.