Chocolate chip cookies and crabs

We went crabbing off the pier today. Got one dungeness and five red rock crabs. This is the first time I’ve eaten rock crabs. Tasty, but not as much meat as the dungeness, and it’s harder to get to to boot.

My friend didn’t feel like eating crabs. He said it sounded good earlier, but once they were cooked he didn’t want any. His SO ate some though. I put the leftovers in the freezer for her. My friend wanted something sweet.

So I went into the kitchen and made chocolate chip cookies. He gave me a very odd look and said I was weird.

But he ate them. So did his SO. She said they were really good And they took a plate of them home with them too.

I haven’t made chocolate chip cookies for ten years. (I did help my mom make some when I visited her a few years ago, but this is the first time I’ve whipped up a batch myself in that long.) The first batch was rather misshapen, but they tasted fine. Seems I make them too big and they run together so that they never come out circular.

I hate how so many people ruin a perfectly good chocolate chip cookie by cooking them.


Nice title.

Good story.

I love men who bake.


I second that! Nothing better than chocolate chip cookie dough! Oooh, in ice cream!!! That is my all time favorite flavor. :smiley:

Well since “ice cream” and “favorite” have been mentioned, I must share this little secret (do not under any circumstances add up the total fat of this stunt).
Take this:
Pour this on it:
“Magic Shell” (haha…couldnt find a good picture)
Wait about 4 minutes.
Then eat slowly while comparing to sex.