Chris Brown - another violent incident

This time it was after an interview on GMA.

Scary to think Rhinanna had to face this fury alone in a car with this puke.

This could easily develop into a serious probation violation.

It’s scary to think that she (a woman with millions of dollars to her name and all the resources in the world to remove herself from a violent situation) actually stayed in the relationship with this asshole for a few weeks after his savage, cowardly attack on her became public.

If beating her bloody didn’t earn this entitled, rage-filled douchebag any jail time, trashing a TV show green room sure isn’t going to do it…

Chris Brown is supposed to perform on ABC Dancing with the Stars next week. I hope ABC has the decency to cancel that performance.

Hard to believe he just completed a court ordered anger management class.

I’m getting it didn’t work?

I’ve never believed those can possibly work. I can see they would work if you want to change, but if a judge says “You must go to this class or go to jail” then I’m betting the thug will sit in the class, go through the motions — there, done. Back to life as usual. Got the little paper to keep yourself out of jail and go back to being an asshole.

Brown wasn’t sandbagged with an unexpected question.

Another article with a nice closeup of the window. I hope ABC files charges. This guy could have hurt people on the street. Falling shards of glass is no joke.

According to one of the stories that I just read he didn’t break a window according to the always factual ladies of The View and that TMZ is overhyping the entire incident. Not that the dude isn’t a dick, but this story might not be all it’s hyped up to be.

Here’s ABC’s news article. ABC also made a formal statement that I can’t find a link for. I’m still googling. :wink:

I find it fascinating how everyone in the media is like, “Oh, that silly Charlie Sheen! Up to his antics again!” (and not asking him in interviews about all the assaults he has committed or shooting Kelly Preston.). But everyone demands Chris Brown answer for his woman beating in every single interview he does.

I guess the moral of the story is to only beat up women who society views as worthless (hookers, porn stars, etc.), not pretty pop stars. Or to be a white dude who does a lot of coke. Too soon to tell.

What a tool.

I think the fact that there’s no proof Sheen intentionally shot her and the fact that Kelly Preston has recently made statements to the fact that Charlie is really a nice guy and she hopes he will be okay might have something to do with that.

What I want to know is: What is it with trashy guys and ripping off their shirts when they’re mad?

Do you have a cite for that? That Brown is asked in every single interview? And that Charlie Sheen isn’t?

PR reps provide a list of verboten topics for interviews, so if Charlie Sheen says “Nope, don’t ask about the legal stuff in X, Y, and Z contexts” then they don’t get asked. If the question was asked, the PR rep would terminate the interview.

Most of Sheen’s domestic arrests have been for “menacing” and “threats of violence”, haven’t they? The 1990 shooting was (supposedly) an accident :dubious: (yeah, right). Now I don’t doubt Sheen a douchebag and has gotten away with a buttload more nasty stuff, but from a strictly PR perspective, the world saw photographs of Rhianna all beat up, whereas the world has only heard about Sheen threatening people and being scary. That makes a huge difference as far as public perception.

Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone busting Sheen’s chops anywhere.

But if we’re talking white vs. black, he just took the title of Stupidest White Man in America from Jesse James.

Probably because he volunteers so much crazy that they don’t have to.

I’ve seen him asked some pretty hard questions, but mostly about his drug use rather than about terrorizing people.

Trailer park trailers rarely have decent, if any air conditioning. The impulse to rip your shirt off at any given moment is imprinted on you at an early age. It takes just the tiniest thing to push you over the edge…and bam! off comes the half rotten thread bare cotton wife beater…

I think a lot of people take their shirt off when fixin’ to fight so that they can’t be grabbed by the opponent and used against them.