Feud erupts between Chris Brown and CM Punk

Hip-hop star, alleged phone thief, and Rihanna-beater Chris Brown has gotten into a feud with WWE superstar wrestler, CM Punk, over Twitter no less.

It all started when a fan tweeted CM Punk a website with details of Chris Brown’s abuse of Rihanna. CM Punk then tweeted that he would like to see Chris Brown “fight somebody that can defend themselves.”

Chris Brown retorted by tweeting that CM Punk is likely a steroid-user with inadequete genitalia. CM Punk took offense to this, being proudly Straight Edge and also having loved his way through most of the female WWE roster, and responded to this by posting this video, offering to meet Chris Brown in a wrestling match with the proceeds to go to a women’s shelter. Brown must’ve been stalking his Twitter, because only minutes later he posted “cmpunk the video u just posted was cute!” and asked him if he were enjoying his “15 minutes of fame”. He also added a hashtag called #Notnopunks.

CM Punk fired back with a hashtag of his own – #Notnowomanbeater. He then went on the Hot97 morning show and clarified matters as he sees it, on whether Chris Brown can be forgiven for his actions, and he also responded to Chris Brown’s fans as they called in.

Fellow WWE wrestler The Iron Sheik (who’s own daughter was tragically murdered by her boyfriend some time ago) has spoken up in support of CM Punk on his own Twitter. And I quote: “The chrisbrown talk bad to the CMPunk now sheikie going to fuck his ass put him in camel clutch make him humble old country way.”

If by some miracle such a match should occur, which it will not because Chris Brown and his managers are never going to let him get within bitchslap distance of CM Punk’s gigantic hands, I would pay CASH MONEY to watch it. I’m not advocating CM Punk attacking him in the street, mind you, but were Chris Brown to willingly step into the ring, I’m just saying I would pay to see it.

BTW, to head off any comments on “but CM Punk has wrestled women in the ring and hit them!”; CM Punk has wrestled trained professionals in a carefully choreographed and controlled environment. Professional wrestling of the sort he practices is something like halfway between old skool wrestling and kabuki theater. I think its absurd to compare that to Chris Brown beating the hell out of his girlfriend and then acting like everyone else has the problem because they have a problem with it.

Leave it to the rap industry to make professional wrestling come across as the sane side of the argument.

Chris Brown deserves every bit of crap slung at him, obviously.

How can you be that myopic to tweet something like that? Oh, you’re a totally self involved douche, gotcha. :rolleyes:

Chris Brown is an R&B singer.

And still just a woman beating ass.

Oh, absolutely.

Shouldn’t CM Punk be in hot water for implying women can’t defend themselves?

The Iron Shiek got involved? That man is hilarious now that he is drunk and uncensored. Very quick to defend how manly and hetero he is but when talking about a perceived enemy he starts talking about humiliating him by fucking him in the ass with his ten inch cock. Comedy gold.

I have two words for Chris Brown. Anger Management.

He is in dire need of it.

Thank you. I’ve found a bunch of old white guys calling him a rapper to be hilarious. You just know the thought process is “bad black guy + music = rapper.”

I love this. And The Iron Sheik? Whoa, blast from the past.

First of all, I’ve never heard this bozo’s music and I never intend to. He could be a Grammy-winning klezmer musician for all I care.

Second of all, I refuse to refer to any of the crap produced after 1990 or so by the hallowed name of “rhythm and blues”. Mainly because it involves neither.

Oh gods… You’re right, there hasn’t been any good R&B music made in the past 20 years. None.

Sheik has some hilarious drunk videos on You Tube.

I think CM Punk is right, but WWE needs to tell him to be careful, since they’re inducting Mike Tyson into the HOF soon.

He does? Well I know how I’m going to be spending my Sunday morning. And don’t you dare judge me, don’t you dare…

YMMV, naturally. I find modern R&B to be too slow, with weak rhythm sections and way too much ululations and caterwauling. But that’s just my opinion.


For those that don’t speak carney, I’m suggesting that this is a publicity stunt, without real animosity involved. Should it lead to a match of some sort, the match will be a scripted performance like any other pro wrestling event.

Sheiky-baby is all over the internet. Sadly, in many of the videos or “shoot interviews”, he is barely coherent. There are a number of clips from him on the Howard Stern show, among others.

How did that work out for Rihanna?

A part of me suspects this as well.

Before the Rihanna incident, Chris Brown actually had quite the ‘nice guy’ image. Happy, smiling, relatively inoffensive, gentlemanly. The guy moms wanted their daughters to date.

Turns out he was an angry, aggressive asshole underneath it all, and ever since the real him showed itself in that car with Rihanna and public opinion turned against him, he has embraced the bad boy role with both hands.

Wouldn’t surprise me if this was all lead up to the villain role in some wrestling event.

Look up the video where he walks off the Opie and Anthony show after Jay Mohr calls on the phone and starts insulting him in his Iron Shiek voice. Or the time he pissed himself on the air.