Chris Hemsworth in Thor costume

Not bad. I hope they lose the beard. Any thoughts?

Looks OK to me, beard and all.

Fine by me. I don’t mind the short beard. Kinda like it.

Lose. The. Beard!!!

Looks good. I like Thor better with a beard. As a matter of fact I wish it was thicker.

It might just be this one picture but does his armor look a little… I don’t know, ‘rubbery’? I wish it looked more metallic. The movies still over a year away though and this is still a very early sneak peek.

Still, it looks good.

I’ve got to agree with this. Keep the beard.

I’m kind of annoyed with the choice of Hemsworth as Thor but since I can’t think of anyone I like better, I should probably just shut up about it.

The beard is fine. Simonson was my favorite Thor artist anyway.

That’s what I was thinking, too. It looks more like a costume meant to look like armor than like actual armor.

The beard’s fine, though. Thor is supposed to be a manly-man, and beards are manly.

I agree that the beard looks good; I think it was a good choice and I always thought he looked better with a beard in the comics.

The costume does look a little rubbery, but maybe it’s just this picture.

The beard works. Ultimate is the new Marvel.

Don’t mind the beard, but the armor is bad. Wish they showed [del]my[/del] the Hammer…

Well, Thor is more of a superhero meant to look like a Norse god than an actual Norse god, so…

Forget the beard, is his winged helmet at the dry cleaners?

Maybe he didn’t want anyone to mistake him for Asterix.

Besides the plasticy/rubbery issue, the flanged shoulders are going to look pretty cheesy from straight on. The downward angle on the photo helps to hide the effect, but I suspect it will stick out like two sore thumbs in the film if they don’t change it.

I agree with the rubbery look, but in the film it will probably be ok.

I like the beard, and since the only Avengers stuff I’ve read in ten years has been Ultimate, I forgot Thor DIDN’T have a beard most of the time.

But since the new Marvel films seem VERY inspired by the Ultimate universe, I wish they had gone with that costume design.

Capes seem out of place in the Marvel Film Universe.

I like Thor best with a full beard. The blond hair of the comics has never bothered me, but the clean-shaven face is not appropriate for the Scion of Asgard.

I’m going to need you to take that back. :mad:

Well, in the comics he’s supposed to be an actual Norse god (even if the stories aren’t very true to the mythology at all . . . )

Eh, the mythology isn’t very true to the mythology, either. It’s not in the nature of mythology to be consistent.