"Christian" Idiocy

On another board which I won’t name as that is not kosher here, but it is obstinsively Christian, they have a thread about the Middle East and whether Colin Powell can affect any change in the situation. I keep reading it like a rubber-necker at a car wreck.

I must share some of the nuggets of wisdom with you so that my head does not explode. One of the posters who is quoted here was once a somewhat respected poster here.

[li]If only Joshua would’ve finished what he started…[/li][li]Let’s see, the task is to stop what has been going on over there since the Old Testament… God outranks Powell! [/li][li]Way to go Abraham… Can you say monogomay?[/li][/ul]
And the piece de resistance*

[sub]Don’t hurt me Matt, I know that’s not the correct French, but I find it humourous to write it that way. And after re-reading the thread I’m talking about, I need some humour. And why the hell have I started spelling humour with the extra “u”? Damn Brits on this board… affecting my spelling…[/sub]

And not a single og in sight.

I know I am biased but I love the way we spell things.

Our extra words may be silent but somehow they make the word seem nicer when we say them. we think the ‘u’ and then the word feels better to say.

favourite, colour, flavour etc…

There are some far better examples of differently spelled words. But I can’t think of them. not all are the ones with an extra ‘u’

You’ve got silent words? You sneaky bastards! You’re talking about us Americans with them, aren’t you? I never trusted you Brits, not since you burned down the White House, and now my bizarre and irrational fears have been proven true!


Re the OP: Yeah, yeah, you’ll find idiots everywhere.

Re Brit spelling: “Theatre” vs. “Theater.” “Agonized” vs. “Agonised.” “Centre” vs. “Center.”

I refrain from comment on the substantive issue. However, I was amused by the appropriateness of your coined “obstinsively” – which I take to be a portmanteau of “ostensibly” and “obstinately” – and find both quite appropriate to the thread in question! :slight_smile:

I think what bothers me more than anything is the alarming number of people who believe (or claim to at any rate) that violence in Israel is a good thing, and that it’s only a matter of (very little) time before the Temple gets rebuilt and God can finally come down and smite some heathen ass.

I would like to point out that the conflict between the Jews and Arabs is a 20th century thing. After WWI Britian promised Palistine their own state ( they got control of the area from the German alled Turkes post WWI ), but lagged on doing anything substansive. The period between the wars saw lots of Jews immigrating to the area, and the whole mess was dumped on the UN following WWII. The Palistinians do have a point- they were promised their own country, and are still waiting.

The above is an extremely bare bones sumation of the last 100 years in Palistine/Israel, so don’t jump all over me for missing stuff, I know it’s incomplete. I just wanted to point out that there is a germ of truth in the statement quoted in the OP.

I think the stuff about British spelling is much more interesting than the OP. I really don’t think we’re gonna solve the situation in the middle east on this board, bout weou could taouke Britizh zpelling tou it’z lougical extrouemez.

I’m still trying to figure out why that one English girl asked me to come by and “knock her up”.

Um, you spelled pièce de résistance just fine, except for the accents, which I’m not going to worry about.

Many men consider that it’s a euphemism for a girl playing hard to get, matt, hence a resisting “piece,” or, in the French… :wink:

Ok. I messed up a word I thought I had right. And got a phrase correct that I thought I had wrong. That is evidence of just how close my head was to exploding when I started this thread.

Well, yeah – unless you leave off the sausage and pepperoni! :wink:

You’re going to have to stop playing chess! :smiley:

I just have a quick question which may negate my comment.

Did you bring up your disgust with this ‘idiocy’ over on THAT board? Or did you just get all riled up and come post about the silly christians on THIS board, knowing that the majority of vocal SDMB posters would immediately agree with you?

I’m not saying that I agree with all their views on israel and palestine, but the op strikes me as someone who went out looking for christian theories to poke fun at.

To answer your question, jarbabyj, they don’t have a Pit there so I couldn’t properly voice my opinions in that forum. For what it’s worth, there are resident posters there who have tried to counter-argue the statements above in that thread. I have my hands full with other threads there. I was ranting here because the general sentiment is that the quoted materials above are right on target and I needed to vent. That is also why this is in the Pit and not another of the forums here. My disagreement is not with their proclaimed Christianity, it is with the simple-minded ignorance that several posters there, as well as some here, exhibit.

Furthermore, if you’ll notice, I used quotation marks around the word Christian in my title. The use of those marks are intended to convey that the label was used sarcastically to apply to the ignorance specifically quoted. If the quote marks were lacking in the title, then you might have more cause to look for offense in my OP. However, the sarcastic use of the label indicates that I know these OPs have nothing truly to do with the faith, but rather, the inherent ignorance of the posters who, coincidently, loudly proclaim their Christianity.

Thanks for your reply…I was just curious