Christie endorses Trump

Calls Rubio desparate.

Somebody has big dreams of being vice president…

Someone wants to be attorney general

I am a calculating sod, so I want Trump to be the nominee, but does a Christie endorsement sway anyone?

I was not expecting this.

Was anyone?

Yuuuuuuuge dreams, you mean. :slight_smile:

Damn, this certainly came out of left field. But there’s no question that Christie simply can’t stand Rubio, and I expect that had a lot to do with it.

Amusingly, Bill Kristol just called Trump desperate for Christie’s endorsement, that Christie had to rescue him.

I don’t buy that, of course, although the narrative change is helpful for Trump. But, you know, you have a sitting Republican governor endorse you and you’re NOT supposed to announce it?

Someone in a thread (I can’t even begin to remember who) said that the best establishment strategy was to blatantly start supporting Trump to show that he’s establishment-friendly. :smiley:

They know each other, New Jersey politics have been important to Trump in his business, I’m not very surprised.

The Huffington Post has a cute headline:
Now what did Trump promise in return? VP? Cabinet? Blockade of Fort Lee? I think Trump-Christie will be the ticket.

Bridgegate was only the beginning… :smiley:

Christie didn’t need any extra incentive to stick it to the other candidates and the RNC. There’s probably a deal there, but it’s not purely based on the quid pro quo.

Honestly, this is probably it. His 2nd term as NJ governor is up in 2018 and he’s term limited. He seems to like politics, though.

He may not be the best strategic pick for Donald’s VP, but probably one of the most politically aligned.

Good question, but I’m not seeing it doing anything for a nascent “consolidate the opposition” movement within the party.

So on Wednesday, Trump said this about his VP preference:

Then Christie endorses him two days later? This seems calculated to me.

The motivation for Christie isn’t hard to see. None of the other candidates would give him the time of day. A post in a Trump presidency (especially VP) would keep him politically relevant and allow him to take another run at the presidency in the future.

Yep, calculated to move last night’s debate off the front page.

Yea. I dont think theres any question Trump had this in his back pocket and was waiting for when he was having a bad news cycle

He gets an honorary PhD from Trump University LLC.

I’m a calculating sod, too, and here’s the calculation.

Neither Kasich nor Cruz have the support to get the nomination. The only thing standing between Rubio and some finite possibility of winning the presidency is Donald Trump.

All of a sudden I’m a big Trump fan.

The ideal scenario is this clown wins the nomination, and then takes the Republicans to such ignominious defeat in November that they’ll spend the next year blaming each other and trying to figure out what the hell happened. This is the second election in a row where the Republican candidates were rightly referred to as a clown car, and the third one in a row where the name “Sarah Palin” meant anything to anyone other than wolves. Democrats had their George McGovern moment, Republicans are long overdue for theirs.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED that a politician would endorse another politician. What’s this world coming to???

Oh, wait a minute. Every politician is going to be endorsing someone by the time the party conventions roll around. And then they will switched their endorsement to the winner of the party convention. Just like they did last time. And the time before that. :wink: