Christmas, Jesus and God are doomed...

…without Starbucks marketing.

Please Starbucks, save Jesus by bringing back your Christmas cup designs. And Jesus, once Starbucks saves you, please save us. I will be at Starbucks, enjoying the quiet sanctuary created by their simple red cups.

Oh, wait, that’s not going to work.

Good grief.

The “War on Christmas” assholes want snowflakes, ornaments, and reindeer? I thought they hated snowflakes, ornaments, and reindeer, and demanded big bleeding Jesuses on Calvary with gouts of blood and Roman spears and all that shit. Even a creche scene pisses them off: Jesus wasn’t born for our sins; he fuckin’ died for them.

Persephone was the reason for the season.

A crucifix is a bit Romish for the War on Christmas crowd–theological descendants of the Puritans who did, indeed, ban Christmas a a Romish, Pagan festival. The Christmas symbols they prefer are the seasonal, secular (pagan) ones. (Mary is suspicious, too.)

I paid my weekly visit to Starbuck’s today. There were piles of Xmas gifts for sale. Plain red cups. The line was as long as usual & no protesters were to be seen…

Does anyone really take this seriously? Ever since I first heard about this Starbucks red cups thing, I’ve had trouble believing it was anything more than one or two lone nuts, and maybe even they were just trolling—except, Poe’s Law.

A true Christmas miracle would be if people started bringing reusable mugs to Starbucks instead of clogging up landfills with whatever motif of throw away cups.

This complaint is about as phony as the one about the Janet Jackson nipple slip during the Super Bowl. The guy behind this, Joshua Feuerstein, is a publicity seeker.

And the cups are red and green. What, exactly, does he think that refers to if not Christmas?

And Trump is all over that shit.

Yes, she was.

The Starbucks Christmas cup “issue” is yet another example of what conservatives decry as someone’s eagerness to be offended, right? Wait, who’s offended by this?

War on xmas? Wake me up when RPGs become part of the fray.

You know, I stopped giving a shit about my birthday by the time I was around 30.

You’d think that a guy who’s better than 2000 might have matured at least that far by now.

Zeke (Covert Christian)

Here ya go!

Yes, this is silly-season stuff. It is, however, interesting that it isn’t immediately being rejected. This specific instance is wrong, but it’s close enough to real instances (“Tinky-Winky is gay! Harry Potter is Satanic!”) that it sounds like something the PC Police would be up in arms about.

Rocket Propelled Gifts? Glitter? Garland? Tell me what I need to stock up on.

There was like one pastor who whined for a bit, and the media, who were lurking in the shadows, poised to pounce on the usual seasonal manufactured shitstorm, sprang into action and turned it into a Thing. It’s such complete bullshit.

Amen!!! As a Christian myself, and fairly devout, this non-issue about the cup decoration, or the lack thereof, is not even on my radar. i don’t often go to Starbuck’s, because there are other shops closer to when I live and work, but this makes me want to buy a coffee there just to annoy people like Trump.

I am, but only because it’s not even fucking Thanksgiving yet, and they’re already rolling out Christmas themed stuff.

Then be upset by the fact that the red represents the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent turkeys slaughtered to fulfill the meatlust of millions of Americans. :smiley:

No wonder there’s so many Internet trolls. Some lone voice complains and it becomes front page news. Or should I say, Clickbait Headline. It pays to whine online.

What’s equally as absurd is Starbuck’s statement that the cups are blank canvases so that customers can doodle on them. They even specified that these were froo-froo shades of red used in a gradient as opposed to a solid red. Their marketing department must be having a good laugh over all the intelligences they insulted and got away with.

I was so not in the loop on this that I didn’t even notices that my Starbucks Chai Latte came in a red cup instead of white. I guess someone has to tell me when I’m supposed to be outraged.


I am, but only because the only dark roast choice will be that shitty Christmas blend for the next two months.