Chrome: Right-click to open link in new page or tab, comes up and immediately closes (just one site)

I am a regular user of an Excel users forum ( Today I got a pop-up from that site requesting me to allow notifications. I accepted. Since then, when I am on that site and right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window, the new tab or window is created then immediately closes before the page can load.

I went into Chrome settings and removed the exception from my list of notifications, but the right-click-to-open problem is still there.

I am using Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m on Windows 10.

Have you ever heard of this type of behavior? Any idea how to fix it?

Delete your cookies for the site as well. I tried what you did and got the exact same results. Clear, allow, & manage cookies in Chrome - Computer - Google Chrome Help

I found two entries for and another one for or something like that. I just deleted them all and the original behavior was back.

Thanks so much for that. I will try it when I get back on my other computer. I really appreciate the effort of actually going to the site and reproducing this. I posted a question on the site itself and the only suggestion was reset all Chrome settings to default, which seems like a nuclear option.

It’s almost certainly a problem with NotifyFox. I would not ever suggest agreeing to stuff like that–if a site wants to push notifications, it should do so through the standard browser notification interface. The notifications would have just been ads.

Which might explain why it broke opening tabs in a new window–it probably replaced the links with JavaScript that might load a non-standard notification before the link opens.

You may want to inform the site about the problems with NotifyFox. (They can decide whether to actually tell NotifyFox or stop using them.)