Chronos, I'm sorry

But in the Breaking Bad thread that you just banned me from, apparently for using a vulgar term for the idolators of Vince Gilligan’s plotting, did you not realize that (as I wrote) I was quoting someone else’s exact vulgar phrase in that exact thread? I drew the conclusion that the phrase would be okay, since the original user I was quoting (I think exactly) did not get mod-warned, mod-noted, or mod-noticed. Otherwise, I might have used a less vulgar term to describe those admirers of Gilligan’s work.

The posts in question:

Weirdly, after gatopescado’s initial post, Chronos moderated differently:

Thanks, LHoD. I’m not good at knowing how to quote from posts in other threads.

The first quoted post is Gatopescado’s, the second one is mine, and the third one is Chronos’.

Maybe quoting someone that got a warning for posting like that almost immediately afterwards isn’t a good idea?

Where’s the warning? Chronos enumerated all the things he WASN’T doing to Gatepescado that he did do to me.

I don’t think that gato got a warning, or even an official mod instruction, for his post.

That said, given all the other posts, it looks like Roger’s comment was the last straw. And my only quibble with the moderation is that probably gato should’ve gotten a warning, too.

I think I need some guidance here on the general principles of posting in Cafe Society. To my mind, posting critically of some aspect of a TV show, particularly a part (the plotting of episodes) that changes constantly should be encouraged. As I wrote and Gatespescado and others have written, it’s easy enough to ignore posts that criticize an aspect of the show that you’re happy with. In fact, I’d say that posts that ask people who write critical posts to stop posting are junior-modding and possibly threadshitting themselves. I’m not insisting that others stop enjoying Better Call Saul–why do they get to instruct me to start enjoying it more? I often like to watch flawed TV shows, movies, plays etc. and figure out verbally what is lacking in them, what could be improved, what could have been done otherwise–people who don’t want to read such posts can roll their eyes and skip over them.

No, but you are insulting anyone who enjoys the show. It’s one thing to be critical and even insulting of the show, it’s producers, writers or actors, and quite another to do so towards other posters.

You could start with not categorizing those who disagree with you as people who worship the script as holy words written in the ancient texts. And then maybe move on to the specific moderator instructions that were given to you regarding threadshitting:

I’m procrastinating chores, which is the only reason I’m posting in this thread, and probably I need some guidance to get off the computer and go fold laundry. But dude, in the 90 seconds it took me to pull those quotes, I saw that you’ve already gotten some guidance. Do you plan to take the guidance you’re requesting? Because it looks like you got plenty of guidance in that thread and didn’t pay it no never mind.

Following the original use of the phrase in question:
@Gatopescado , surely in this era of eleventy bazillion streaming shows, you can find something you can enjoy watching and discussing? That’s my official recommendation.”
Not a warning, but an official recommendation seems roughly equivalent to an instruction to me.

Dude you were ruining the thread. That’s all that matters. Jerk rule.

For a continued pattern of personal insults that has resulted in an excessive number of warnings, @Roger_That has been suspended for one week.

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