Cincinnati Dopers--Please help!

I need to ask a favor of someone–anyone–in the Cincinnati area. I visited your fair city this weekend to see a taping of a concert by The Bobs (my favorite a cappella band) at the WCET studios. Now I find that the concert will be airing much sooner than I thought…Wednesday night at 9, in fact!

Is there someone in the area who can tape this for me? It’s channel 48, the PBS station. I’ll pay for the tape and the postage to get it to me, of course, and I have some videos (MST3K eps and stuff like that) to trade if that sweetens the deal any. And if you watch and tape the show, you get the double thrill of a) hearing the finest, funniest a cappella in the world and b) seeing me on camera (second row (sometimes third), stage right, brown hair, light orange v-neck tee shirt.)

Thanks a million in advance!! :slight_smile:


I live exactly 23 miles into Kentucky from Cincinnati, and “should” be able to get the tape for you. HOWEVER, I work second shift and will have to either ask Mrs. Rhosis to get it, or set it up to tape. Also, I am a Luddite who has only antenna reception. However 48 normally comes in pretty clearly (have to tape my “Dr. Who,” ya know) though in inclement weather there can be a problem with static. If the quality of the tape is not at least “very good,” we’ll settle for you simply paying the postage. E-mail me and let me know. If someone else can get it from cable or satellite, let me know also.

I will make every attempt to remember this, though please don’t hold me to a one hundred percent, iron-clad, cut off my balls if I forget.


Thank you, Sir! I’d email you if you had that function enabled! :slight_smile: My email’s in my profile, though. If you drop me a line, I’ll be your best friend forever!

Middletown, Ohio checking in here. I live about 35 miles north of Cincinnati.

Hey I got your back. I’ve got satellite * and * cable, several VCR’s and plenty of time on my hands. It wouldn’t be a problem at all. I love The Bobs.

I appreciate the thanks in advance but what I’d really like to find is that classic by another Cincinnati band -The Menus called “Sex on a Regular Basis.”

Juniper, I hope this link works: This site has links to some tunes you can download from the Bobs.

Since y’all are there anyway, I’m heading up that way this weekend. A buddy of mine is moving to the Mt. Adams area and I plan on partying my ass off. Anyone wanna meet?

My standing offer to all Dopers, if you don’t recall, is: I’ve got first round.

Fuck… gotta work all weekend. If there’s going to be a dopefest, though, I’ll try and make it.

That link is super cool, PL. Thanks!

Oh, and thinksnow…showing up two hours late for MI Dopefest was a pretty sneaky way to get out of that “first round” thing, doncha think? :smiley:

Most definitely. I think we should make him pay up the next time he shows up here in chilly MI. :slight_smile:


I have to work this weekend–both days–so have a virtual round on me. I would be interested in a Cincinnati/Northern KY/Indiana/what-have-you Dopefest if there are enough people interested, and someone else (of course) wants to plan it.


Alright, simmer down you two! <sheesh> You’d have thought driving 350 miles in a blinding white-out snowstorm to spend an hour, hour and a half, tops with you folks would count for something. That’s Michiganders for you. :rolleyes: :smiley: [sub]Plus, it’s not like we were at a bar or anything…[/sub]

Okay, so I owe the Michigan-6 a round, but other than that, my record is spotless! [sub]Did I buy idiotboy a round…? No, but he got them free since his band was playing, I think.[/sub]

Anyway, Sir, I’m game, but I can’t do any of the planning either, as I don’t really live there, but am willing to travel.

Howbout the 75 cent Hudy draughts at the Phoenix Cafe on Walnut St. at, say, noon? That’s always the nest time to drink there, as the bums are usually out bugging bidnessfolk on their lunch hour.

black455, is that near Vine? Downtown? Over-The-Rhine?
I don’t know about the 'nati, how 'bout coming over the river to Scuzzington, or Newport (proud home of that little short guy who ran for President for about ten minutes?).

We probably should open a real “Anybody for A Dopefest” thread, huh?


yep… Walnut St… two blocks east of Vine, across from the Aronoff (shonuff) center…

If we gotta go to Kaintucka, we should probably go to CoCo’s , in C-ton. I’m real good pals (heh) with the daughter of the owner, and could probably scam a discount, especially on the Cajun Shrimp and Mushrooms…

Yeah, probably time for a dedicated thread, tho i’m too drunk/bruised to start one right now.

Well, I’m not really sure where I’m at, but I know I’m at some apartments on the corner of Cross and Park, in the Eden Park area, off of Gilbert. We’re all of a mile or two from Mt. Adams, if y’all wanna meet some where thereabouts.

Needless to say, right now is not the best time for me to try and figure directions, at least at this hour. Drop me an email this weekend if anyone is interested.

…or don’t, that’s alright, too.

I’ve just got to mention that Jefferson Hall was packed tonight and the band (don’t have a clue who) was rockin’!

*Originally posted by thinksnow *

Well, OK, we forgive you then.

Besides, I don’t drink and Juni was, at least at the time, underage. :slight_smile:


Sorry, thinksnow… I had some Girl Trouble last night, and was in a pretty shitty mood. Got drunk and played guitar for about 6 hours.

And she still is, at least until July 24. But that’s just between you, me, and the wall, capeesh? I figure the ages are close enough for government work. :slight_smile:

Of course bands get free beer!!! Why the hell else would I be in the band?!? :smiley: Ok, the chicks are nice, too…