Okay I know this sounds like its one of those “its not for me its for a friend” questions but trust me if this happened to me Id be far too busy worrying to type.

Kid brother came home last night from his girlfriends house with a worried look and told me hed messed himself up. One akward examination later and Ive discovered the following.

His foreskin had always been on the tight size.

The skin connecting the foreskin to the tip of the glans has been severed (dont ask).

Is this verry serious? Im of the opinion that its not too bad. There very little pain but a hel of a lot of blood.

Does circumcision normally involve the severing of the connecting skin to the tip.

Other than giving an antibiotic cream is there much a doctor can do for him?

Any future problems to be expected?

Ive packed him off to the doc but he wont be back for a few hours yet.

The word you are looking for is “frenulum”.

He tried to circumcise himself? … or the skin tore during an, um, sexual encounter?

[stating the obvious] In any case, this aint the place for medical advice. The question of how serious, what future implications, etc all depend on the nature of the injury, risks of infection, scarring, etc. Understanding that you’re concerned, you’ll need to ask those questions of the doctor who saw and treated the wound. [/obvious]

MAN! Keep us posted. I gotta know how he did this! I suppose the foreskin can be torn if the sexual encounter is real tight.

In circumcision, the foreskin is removed behind the glans, then the shallow cut sutured or lasered closed. Antibiotics are given, along with pain killers. The procedure is usually done to infants because the pain nerves aren’t that well developed down there yet. The older one gets, the more sensitive IT gets. He should have been in some pain.

By all means, to the doctor!

How the heck did he do it?

I havent seen him since his doctors visit so I still dont know the outcome.

I put the question here because my first reaction was “Goddamn…I have never heard of this before or seen anything like it”. I have some medical training so that shocked him a little bit and he looked crestfallen…he thought it was something that normally happened.

The story he told me was that his girlfriend was giving him some manual relief with her hand which resulted in full intercourse. He experienced some pain and noticed that the “frenulum” (many thanks) had been cut but was still connected as it were but didnt think anything of it.

then Intercourse happened and he woke up later to find himslef covered in blood (along with the trousers he had borrowed from me for the night …not too sure if I want them back yet).

He allowed me to examine it and I gotta tell you it looked painful. he said that it really hurt a lot when the thing was still connected but that once the cut had been made there was no pain just a hell of a lot of blood.

Made me wince though.

Why does the OP remind me of Jebus?

First someone’s nipples got sore, now this. Not to make light of what is obviously a serious situation, but this boards has gotten kind of graphic even for me.

Um, these friends of mine had the same thing happen as the result of too much downward hand pressure on the foreskin with simultaneous strong suction on the glans. It was just as bloody, but the only other bad results were that both parties got bacterial infections from intercourse afterwards (the bacteria liked the blood, I guess), and the guy’s foreskin sometimes pulls back when he’s walking around, because the frenulum isn’t there to pull it up. But really it wasn’t such a terrible thing in the end.

This is actually not that uncommon and not much to worry about. It is (obviously) bloody and painful, but usually heals on its own. The main concern has already been touched upon by AerynSun: the break in the skin presents a perfect opportunity for bacteria and viruses to enter the tissue and bloodstream (and it obviously puts the female at greater risk of infection, too).

I am sure that all males reading this thread are glad that they now have something more to worry about… :slight_smile:

Not me.
Clipped at birth! :smiley: