Civilization 3: PTW Multiplayer

First off, let me say that I had long suspected the Blizzard servers for D2 were really good, and that I was taking them for granted; but I didn’t realize how spoiled I had become.

I have tried to join numerous games, and only been able to connect with 3 so far. (One of those gave me an ‘out of sync’ error 30 turns in)

I’ve got all of the patches, everything looks good- Is there some secret to actually playing a MP game that I am not aware of?

God this is annoying.

Whew…I thought I was the only one…

Seriously, though…I have had great succes playing person to person using one person’s IP address as a server. However, it seems we still get out of sync every once in a while during our server’s peak times (about 8 pm to midnight).

There are so many different issues as to why this happens, I dare say that if the internet was a pristine, labratory environment, there would likely be no trouble with the servers at all. However, some things that may have an impact include:

activity in the particular node each person is in. The guy I normally play with lives about two miles away…in a different internet node. His node is very busy, mine is very light. We seem to work okay when he (the slower node) hosts, but lock up a lot when I host.

logged down servers have an impact. Any activity that takes place on the internet has to go through at least two servers unless the page is actually run by the user’s ISP. Oftentimes, it must go through more.

The problem may be with your ISP…it may be with other’s ISP’s. It may even be with the speed of the CPU’s involved.

On a sidenote…I also once played this game with a friend who lives about two blocks away in the same node on the same ISP. We played for 8 hours with no disconnects.

However, I have gotten used to the idea of frequent saving when it comes to online multiplayer games.