Oh, if only I was referring to gemology in my post title, but no. I mean the other kind of cleavage.

It has come to my attention that some women can’t seem to get much cleavage out of an outfit even if they are average breasted. I know this sounds wierd, but it applies to a friend of mine. To a party, she wore this corset-type thing that is supposed to give a woman a lot of cleavage, but she was disappointed in that it didn’t provide her with any. She’s a 36C and the only explanation I could give would be if a woman’s breasts were kind of far apart. Or maybe I just think about it way too much :smiley:

From what I’ve seen: Two words “wonder-Bra”.


I had a girlfriend that wore a wonder-bra once.

I wonder where they went.

I’m assuming closer together.

(yup… I should be beaten with a large blunt object).

You know, we’re really going to have to see pictures of your friend wearing the aforementioned outfit to judge for sure, Incubus.

Hey, you knew somebody had to say it; I’m just surprised that I was the first! :smiley:

MMMMMMMMM… cleavage.

uhmmmmm… What was the question?

Ah yes. Cleavage. I approve of cleavage.

Obviously she’s never heard of the handyman’s secret weapon.

Duct tape?



Yep. :slight_smile:

My boobs aren’t exactly bumping into each other and I can still achieve clevage.

Perhaps she chose the wrong undergarment - I have a La Senza air lift - and YOWZA!

Can you say “Boobs on Parade”? cus that’s pretty much what you get.



Hi, alice.

As a woman who lives with constant cleavage, I gotta say I don’t know what she’s doing wrong.

See, the problem is this:

  1. If you have big boobs, they are heavy and therefore start to “sag” pretty quickly. Not sag in that horrible grandmotherly way; they just sit a little lower because they weigh more. (How much more? Ask my poor shoulders.)

  2. Since they weigh more, there is less support (hence the un-grandmotherly sag), which causes them to flail helplessly to the sides a bit. When you lay down, for instance, most of the boobage is by the underarm.

  3. With unsatisfactory support (and a lot of nice brand-name bras just don’t give the right support), they are sitting slightly higher, but they still hang to the sides.

  4. Hence, big boobs yet no cleavage.

The best way to remedy this situation is to try on as many bras as possible when bra-shopping. I have gotten lucky and found two styles that give me great support AND rockin’ cleavage (however, be forewarned that in the quest for cleavage, one most certainly sacrifices comfort). Also, tell her to look for demi bras. I have one that I wear ONLY when I have on my most low-cut shirt. My ta-tas have superhuman powers in that bra. However, because of a demi bra’s cut, it generally does not give larger-boobed women a smooth line under sleeker clothes, which results in the eyesore known as “overflow.”

Hope that helps!

Of course the farther apart they are, the greater their ability to correctly perceive depth and, therefore, correctly assess their distance from an approaching set of headlights.

I didn’t understand a word of that, lieu.

I dunno what’s up with my friend. I had always thought just about sized woman could get cleavage out of an article of clothing that presses so snugly to the bust. I figure they are going to take the path of least resistance-even if they collide into each other.


Must I say it??

Band Name!!!

From what I hear, electrical tape is a much better substance for boob-taping. Duct tape is too sticky.

If you tape your boobs now, can you play them back when you’re older?

This remonds me of a Jerry Hall appearance on Letterman years back.
She was Huge.
Dave kept saying stuff like, “I feel like I’ve overinflated my tires.”

I was flipping by and I caught an Oprah show about cleavage. One of the tricks they mentioned was to apply make-up to the area to sort of make the ‘shadow’ more apparent to create the illusion of cleavage.

But really tell your friend to just go topless. Men like that so much more than cleavage.