Clever vaccination incentives

This has come up in passing in other threads. I thought it would be fun and interesting to put this in one place.

Some of the incentives are obvious (but apparently effective):

But this new one caught my eye:

It’s a nifty way to target a difficult demographic.

Wonder what other opportunities like this could be explored.

Free hookers and blow!

I’d get vaccinated (again) for a year of free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme! Alas, there are no outlets within a reasonable distance from me.

Take the National Lampoon approach (which I believe was first done as a MAD magazine cover, but I couldn’t find an image): Get your vaccination, or:

And the scams start. I just got an email offering me $2k to get the Pfizer vac. They just wanted a little info first…

They should just spread a rumour that Covid causes impotence and slows your metabolism.

Lot of people suddenly in line to get the jab! HaHaHa!

Geez, I already had two doses of Moderna, but for $2000 I can’t be the only one that might wonder if it would be safe to get two more doses of Pfizer.

Anyway, my daughter is 15 was just recently added to the list of people eligible to get the shot. I ran her up to the pharmacy yesterday to get the shot*, after which they asked us to sit in our car in the parking lot for 15 minutes or so. So, we’re sitting there chit chatting and she sarcastically said ‘and I didn’t even get a sticker’. I swear to god, not 30 seconds later, the pharmacist was knocking on our car window and telling us, very apologetically, that she forgot to hand out cakes because everyone that gets a shot gets a free cake. They’re mini bundt cakes, but they’re still probably double or triple the size of a cupcake.

*The pharmacy was slammed and short staffed. The pharmacist was dealing with patients and loading syringes then passing them off to a tech that was doing the shots. When it was our turn, he loaded the syringe while my daughter filled out her card then handed ME the syringe and said ‘here, hold on to this and bring it back to her’. Um, okay. I mean, it was fine, it just caught me off guard. Reminded me of this meme.

Here in Bozeman a pharmacy has been teaming up with brewpubs (of which we have many)–free vaccine and a free beer! Good way to target the university demographic I would think.

If we could start a CT that COVID causes ED and the vaccines increase breast size we’d be at herd immunity in a week.

Until someone drinks the vaccine and injects themselves with beer…

Um, that might be one of the only things that could have convinced me not to get vaccinated. What a strange idea of an incentive.

That is genius! It’s perfectly understanding your target market. Wow. I hope they can do more things like that. It doesn’t have to be a super-speedway and cutting-edge race cars, either. There must be a several hundred fairly high-level racing tracks in the USA along with as many mid-level race cars. Give folks the chance to run a few laps at speed after they get a shot (ideally J & J because you can’t count on them getting their 2nd).

Or guns.

Let 'em rip off a couple hundred rounds on some .50 caliber death device. This stuff is foolproof! Moths to a flame, baby! Herd immunity by the 4th of July!

Ohio is doing 5 drawings between end of May and June, one for Ohioans 12-17 and one for those 18+ who’ve had at least their first dose by the drawing date (you have to register with pharmacy location and they will confirm your vax status through those records plus your vax card).

12-17 prizes (5 total): four-year full scholarship to an Ohio state college or university
18+ prizes (5 total): one million dollars

I was fully vaxxed in April, but heck yeah I submitted an entry!

When they originally announced it, they said it would draw from voter registration rolls, but now you have to go to a website or call to opt in to the lottery. I guess the administration figured out promoting voter registration was a bad idea.

“Patrons who show proof of vaccination at the club will reportedly be treated to a one-year Platinum membership, dances from a vaccinated stripper, complimentary bottle of alcohol and tickets to “Sexxy After Dark” with a limousine pickup.”

How about a free cow? Mae Chaem district in the northern-Thai province of Chiang Mai will next month start a once-a-week lottery until year-end. Each week, one lucky vaccinated villager will be randomly picked to receive a cow.

Oregon is doing a $1 million lottery for vaccinated people* over 18. Entry is automatic from the list of vaccinated people held by the state. There will also be a single $10k winner drawn from each county, some of which have very few residents. There’s about a month still to get entered.

12-17 year olds will be entered in a separate lottery. 5 will be drawn, and receive a $100k scholarship fund.

*At least one shot.

In Phoenix, a dispensary is offering free joints and edibles to anyone who is least 21 for getting vaxxed. The program is called Snax For Vaxx.

I’d get a third shot for a joint and a gummy.

“Get yourself a shot, and then take a few more!”

“BE the first to get (a) shot! Let someone else be next!”